Video Production: Yes you can do it On the Phone Too

There's a growing need to create videos – not just corporate videos but also videos for social media in various formats. With square videos and vertical videos – the traditional video isn't the only thing that has survived. Along with it are tons of other mediums which rely on so many things. However, it is believed that companies need to spend heavily on their day to day video production activity – which isn't entirely true. 

When you need Professionals!

Professional video production team is required when you are making a campaign or a corporate video to be showcased in media in the form of YouTube or other channels. There can't be a compromise on quality when the videos are required to be viewed by an audience across the globe on a serious channel, especially for a brand hoping to set a reputation.

Where you can use your phone!

The brand presence today is required on various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others. For professional Facebook videos – you still require professionals. But videos for Facebook Live, Insta live or a story, Snapchat, IG TV etc –there's no better tool than a good quality mobile phone. Especially with vertical and square videos – there's no real requirement of a professional team. What the audience on these channels is looking for is engagement and fun – and not anything more. 

The Trend of Live

Facebook Live started a while back, and it was possible to be done via phone only. You require having a constant internet connection to be able to use this – and thus any huge setup is a hindrance. Facebook Live, and now Instagram Live is about being in the moment. The audience will hardly question a quality issue unless you are using a really cheap phone or terrible lighting or both. A natural light and a good quality phone is enough to get you started if you have something important to share or talk. 

The highest you can achieve in the form of the production setup for a Facebook or Instagram Live is a collar mic or a mic of some sort that makes sure that the voice is absolutely clear. Apart from that – if you can engage the audience, then your whole purpose is solved. 

Going Quirky and Candid

Going quirky and candid is the mantra for short videos for Insta stories or Snapchat. The attention span is limited, and a few seconds are all you have. It's not about the production qualities in such videos; it is about the amount of fun the videos can create for the audience. If the audience gets engaged to those videos, they become more and more loyal towards the brand. For first impression too – a profile with plenty of candid but eye catchy videos is a good way to attract the audience.

The in-built camera features and filters of these apps help in making the content unique, and candid. There are many other apps that do the same, while allowing you to share the content across various platforms including these two apps.  As suggested above, the focus needs to be on the content and not the equipment. Content needs to be unique and engaging, and yet be in sync with the voice of the brand. You can't create engaging content just for the sake of creating content if it doesn't have a relation with the brand. For example a suiting brand can't go funky with their videos and filters.

Consistency is the Key

Consistency is the key in social media promotions. The access to Smartphone with great photography capabilities makes it easier for brands to be consistent. There's no point in making great video content once in a while, but not following up. It is better to pause, plan, and then be consistent with your plans. When you have planned the posting schedule, the next step is to be consistent in following it up. 

The ease of use is one thing that can help in being consistent. There's no heavy equipment requirement, no extra people – a small phone acting as a camera, and people. It allows people to be candid, and make the process of shooting a completely enjoyable experience. It becomes a break from monotony, and even the company employees can enjoy this sort of an exercise. 

Editing – Do it in Mobile Itself

There are many mobile editing apps available that make it fun and easy to edit the videos in mobile. There are also animation apps like Filmora Go, Premiere Clip which make editing a breeze. With apps like VideoShow, you can also play around with filters, text, etc along with performing the regular editing functions. There's no real need to take the videos to the system and spend time working on it when you can do everything sitting comfortably in your phone. 

Another advantage of editing videos on mobile is that you can share them online right from the app or by saving on phone then uploading. There's no tedious process involving transfers, compressions etc, the videos are ready to share.

Mind the Colors and Fonts

With great power comes great responsibilities, and with great options comes a greater need to control. There are too many options with regards to colors and fonts – but it is important for the brand to be able to use the same color theme and fonts over and over. This allows the brand to establish them and be recognizable, and the profile over a period of time looks truly beautiful. 

Take the phone out, shoot, edit, stylize, and be consistent and creative with content over social media. Social media is mostly about fun – and you have to allow the audience to enjoy it as much as you do.