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We offer affordable crowdfunding video production and video marketing strategy for Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding. Create a persuasive and inspiring project that demonstrates who you are, and tells a unique story about you and your passion. Our crowdfunding video production team has years of experience doing research and development on a variety of crowdfunding campaigns and knows how to turn heads with unique context and content to match your campaign budget. 

Our Most Recent Crowdfunding Video Campaign

Audeze, the world's leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones,announced the Indiegogo launch of Mobius with the support of this full scale video production service to support the brand and marketing goals.  In the first 24 hours since the announcement, Audeze has achieved 830% of its initial Indiegogo goal and surpassed $500,000 in funds raised.

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Our Mantra!

We know the significance of crowdfunding video production and additionally consider the cost/advantage in light of your present resources, designating restricted subsidizes all through the sum of the crusade to make the greatest value for the money. 

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We specialize in creating the right first impression, creating excitement about your crowdfunding campaign, and converting visitors into committed donors. Our cinematic style videos stand out on all platforms.  We’ve studied hundreds of crowdfunding projects, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, we’ve helped our clients reach (and surpass) their campaign goals.  If you have a crowdfunding marketing company, we are happy to collaborate with them on the video for the crowdfunding campaign including context, content and concept.   The 3 "C's"!


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Consider hiring our team video professionals and crowdfunding production specialists. Each of the packages below can be customized based on your needs. Questions? Contact us and we’ll recommend the package that’s right for you.

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Looking for a bit more.  Contact us as we offer packages including crowdfunding social media videos, photo content and much more to get your crowdfunding campaign funded!These video creation tips give experieneced crowdfunding advertisers extra materials to use for Campaing Updates, Indiegogo or Kickstarter Page Design and furthermore center explainer recordings sketching out each key component of your device or tech equipment item. 

Crowdfunding Videos

Whether you’re an brand, athlete, musician, artist, world traveler, or thrill seeker, our creative team would love to join you and your dream on your next cinematic adventure.  From the thrill of creative competition and drive to the visual imagery that epically portrays an brands composition, our creative team captures the essence of what makes your company unique and delivers a film quality adaptation that represents your distinct qualities.

On a tight crowdfunding campaign production budget?   Our team works with yours to develop a video that fits your crowdfunding video budget and also works with your marketing to develop the best video production possible to get you funded.  Ask us about our percentage discounts for crowdfunding marketing videos.