The Hilo World is a travel video production and creative agency uniquely tailored for the luxury travel industry. Travel and video are synonymous with the Hilo's DNA by offering a creative skill set in all production dimensions; be it a luxury hotel, brand, a business, a service or a specific documentary project. Everyone has a digital story to tell and it’s our immensely talented video production crews passion to deliver that story on screen. 

We keep our client base small and operate exclusively in the Luxury Hotel and Travel market, this is to ensure we can offer a personalised service with long lasting relationships. Our high quality videos are matched by our exclusive service. Based in Los Angeles and Orange County California and serving the globe or whenever your hotel, resort or city is on the map!




Our Recent Travel Video Projects

The Hilo World travel video production and aerial team understands the modern consumer's extensive search for sensorial attraction and quest for experiences. “Movement and dynamism on websites is a must to capture the attention of an ultra fast paced audience. Users become disinterested if there is too much reading or clicking through photos to make their purchasing decisions!. Statistics prove that a travel video on a landing page increases the chances of conversion by 86%.  

A Better Approach

Our luxury hotel and travel videos go beyond the typical walk-through. Whether it's short-format videos for your website, or media that complements an overall marketing campaign, we create stunning, visually-rich, high definition videos that are designed to engage and elicit consumer action. . Luxury travel, in particular, has taken an upswing, with the world coming ever closer and the social media helping people create travel goals.



Every film requires attention to detail, right from the start of the process. We begin with planing and brain storming of ideas,  we then create a storyboard per each request, once you the client are happy with the story we move on to the production stage of your film. 



Your branding and message is important therefore the film we make will demonstrate that. Its our job to convey your message through the lens thats why we have the best creatives and  tools at our disposal .We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure that our clients can have the best available product.  All of our productions can now be filmed in 4K. That means our films are 4x the quality of standard HD video. This level of  production, combined with our creative know how, ensures viewers a cinematic level of experience for your story. 



Once we have all the film footage, this is where the film comes to life. Our experienced editors will edit the all the video and sound content tailored to your film’s needs.We use the most advanced software:  DaVinci Resolve, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe editing suites. All the post production work is carried out on the latest and fastest Mac Pro computers. We firmly believe in having the latest technology to ensure we have more time to focus on the creative aspect and therefore deliver the best possible product in timely fashion.



Aerial Cinematography Specialist

The Hilo World provides 4K film from the air via a quadcopter and an experienced pilot team. The quadcopter provides a dynamic view and ads high production value to any project.


Advanced Sound

It is often said 60% of a film is audio. This is why The Hilo World provides nothing less than highly experienced sound operators and the best quality Rode Microphones, Zoom/Tascam recorders and Sony wireless radio microphones.


Film Hosting and distribution

We’ll ensure that your film seamlessly fits into your website branding and online video marketing campaigns.Hosting your amazing epic films correctly online is huge key to online success.  We’ll also walk you through the entire process of utilising your films on third party platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. Google favors video, therefore it is our job to ensure your films are searchable and have the right key words to boost your websites standing and ranking with Google’s SEO.


The Hilo photography crews work hand-in-glove with our world class video outfit and we have to admit a degree of envy in one respect. We can integrate the photography into our video production shoots to save time and budget.



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