Testimonial Video Production

When you want to buy a product, where do you turn? More and more, your customers are turning to video testimonials. They want real, believable video content that provides social evidence. Harness the power of authentic video testimonials for yourself. 

Drive conversions and increase your brand’s like-ability with Hilo Pictures! In an age where consumers are afraid to trust, you can win them over with cinematic testimonials. Together, we’ll boost your sales and credibility to new heights. 



Videos provide social evidence

Videos provide social evidence to future clients that you are a capable business and that you can reliably supply the products or service they are searching for.

Video dramatically increases the Know, Like and Trust factors

The benefits of using written and video testimonials and case studies as a marketing tool for potential clients are well known. A solid testimonials video production amplifies the effectiveness by placing a real authentic person right in front of the customer’s face.

Videos increase your sales

Whether you use online video marketing to drive new business to your website or whether you direct potential customers to your videos, a testimonial video is one of the most effective “conversion optimisation” tools that is on the market. Unique Visitors to your website want to be able to make a decision to choose your company or business. Testimonials make this decision easy for them.

Credibility to clients

Videos help prove your credibility because customers can see that you know what you are talking about on various levels. Users attribute high quality marketing materials to high quality service – make it count.