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 Cinematic Video Production Services

 Looking for a 4K quality video production company with passion and purpose in Southern California? With stunning movie-level cinematography, jaw-dropping hyper-lapse filming, and the latest 4K video production tools, we’ll boost your marketing campaign like never before. Your project deserves the best. That’s why our production team is transparent, positive, reliable, and on-time. Get the best cinematic style video production in Orange County, CA. Find out why our cinematic videos are so unique... 

We believe in the power of lasting relationships

We believe in the value of strong relationships. That's why our boutique video production company de­livers quality personal care and attention to every aspect of your video production project. Our primary goal is to help your team can make informed, relevant business solutions and create a video with vision and purpose. We are passionately committed to understanding your unique needs and helping you unlock your marketing budgets possibilities. As a team, we ac­complish all the objectives that are important to you.


Amazon Product Video Production Services

Promote your products and boost conversions. From video production to video processing, guaranteed on all Amazon standards and qualifications. We offer unboxing, product comparisons, how-tos, interviews, and advertisements for Amazon merchants. All of our videos comply with Amazon requirements, allowing you to use them on your company websites and other outlets. Contact us today for a FREE professional video marketing consulting and quotation!


Cinematic Content That Drives Traffic!

Hilo Pictures has spent more than a decade perfecting an efficient platform that makes it affordable for companies and brands to consistently produce high-quality video content. We are a smaller, boutique video production team with a passion for storytelling and extensive experience working with marketing departments to develop highly effective marketing solutions for various sales, e-commerce, products, profiles and lifestyle videos. We always take the time to understand your online marketing, messaging and branding objectives prior to every shoot. This, combined with our deep expertise in media, investor relations, corporate communications and marketing, allows us to deliver an unparalleled customer experience focused on maximizing your time and driving outstanding business results.

Product Videos 

Build brand awareness! Capture your audience with gorgeous visuals, perfect production, and our team’s added WOW factor. Set yourself apart with epic product video production.

Testimonial Videos

Make your customer testimonial dynamic, interesting, and engaging. Consumer attention spans are short (only 8 seconds long!), and audiences want content in a format that they find compelling and relatable.

Aerial Montage and Buildings 

Showcase a location, locale, or business with sweeping aerial views. 4K Ultra HDR full aerial video production can add the extra pizzazz your project needs.  Take a look at this extraordinary production filmed from the air.

Animated Explainer Videos

We believe animation has the power to humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and so much more. Video, like any marketing effort, is an ongoing strategy.

TV Pilots and Film Trailers

Need a pilot or trailer filmed? Take your concept from dream to reality with our experienced producers and cinematographers. Our positive attitude and knowledgeable execution will make your trailer or pilot a smash hit.

Corporate Videos

Our team of video production experts excels at telling your business’s story in an eye-catching way. Together, we want to help you discover more quality video-based ways of getting your point across. 

Aerial Branding

On the ground or in the air — we can do it all!  Aerial video production and drone video is taking the internet by storm! Stay on trend with our expert help.  

Company Profiles 

Highlight your brand. Internally and externally, branded corporate video creates prestige, brand trust, and authenticity to your organization. Let your company culture shine through!

Marketing Videos

Exquisite 4K cinema quality filming meets industry-lead Ultra HD recording, aerial cinematography, studio sound and unique visual effects.  Learn more about viral and online marketing videos for upper brand/

Product Launches and Branding

Launch your products like a space shuttle: with a huge bang. Epic, eye-catching product launch and branding videos are a necessity to get your product noticed. The fast and powerful results speak for themselves.

Location Tours and Real Estate 

Drive more eyes to your property with a branded tour or real estate video! Video marketing with our experienced professionals will help your location stand out.

Cinematic Lifestyle Videos 

Let’s work together to generate stunning 4K videos on-time and on-budget. Our results speak for themselves – beautiful, exciting visual stories that create desire and drive business.

Online + E-Commerce Videos 

Showcase your e-commerce product with unique lifestyle + product video captures for a product story that embeds itself in your audience’s brain.  Upgrade your click through rate today and drive traffic with video.

Training and Explainer Videos 

Keep your customers up to date and engaged with your product by offering training and explainer videos! With cutting-edge video and easy-to-understand graphics, they demystify your product and erase objections to buying! 

Passion and Purpose!

Our past, present and future are linked by our purpose to create a world of possibilities for our clients by providing sound video production strategies and video marketing solutions - one individual, one family, and one business at a time.


Over 1 Million USD raised 

2312% of $50,000 flexible goal

Our latest video production was done for Audeze and their release of their first cinematic gaming headset. The project comprised multiple marketing videos to support the Orange County, CA brand and their launch on Indiegogo. Audeze, the world's leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones, launched the first premium fully immersive 3D cinematic audio and head tracking-enabled headphone designed specifically for gamers and the gaming industry. In the first 24 hours after the announcement, Audeze achieved 830% of its initial Indiegogo goal and surpassed $420,000 in funds raised.



Highlight Your Brand!

Our filmmaking tools include the world’s leading cinema cameras, lenses and lighting. Together, we deliver epic 4K Ultra HDR visual quality. As a direct result, our video productions provide your project with complete clarity, cinematic confidence and superior craftsmanship.


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Custom Monthly Video Subscriptions!

What’s better than a video production service? A video production subscription that allows you to easily create consistent marketing videos every month. Keep your website and social media platforms fun and fresh when you sign up for our monthly video editing subscription plan. Offered in conjunction with our on-location video production services, this program adds a consistent stream of new videos to your social channels and website. We include personal attention through pre-production services like our consultation for your annual video marketing plan and more!


We Make Animated Explainer Videos That Deliver Real Results

Explain your business and deliver your value proposition with simplicity and clarity. Create video content that turns your prospects into customers and followers to fans.

Hilo Pictures is a full service animation studio specializing in 2D & 3D animation. We produce explainer videos, product demos, mobile app demos as well as how-to and corporate training videos We work for both Fortune 500 companies and emerging new brands.


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