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Corporate marketing is evolving. And we’re at the forefront of it. Showcase your corporate know-how in a format your customers trust. With stunning video production, we present content that’s clean, dynamic, informative, and entertaining. Set your company apart. Our experienced team, eye-catching cinematic production, and unparalleled communication can capture your corporate video at a fraction of the cost of a broadcast commercial. See why we’ve been doing corporate video for Orange County, CA and LA since 2006. 



Corporate Client Videos

While traditional mediums of corporate videos such as brand films, talking heads interviews and conference openers have a clear purpose, opting for more alternative genres of video production is a great way to get your message across. We have produced a wide range of documentary and drama-style films for many of our corporate clients. This corporate short film video was produced for in Orange County California.  Our corporate videography team took an extensive 7 days to film 34 scenes for this amazing corporate video explaining why an office should use its software and engaged its clients by telling a story of the before and after of the corporate office and its functionality.  


We filmed this product training video for DFI in a 2 day shoot using Talent and locations. Shot in 4K Ultra HDR and edited in Premier pro, we added a good bit of motion graphics to the entourage to make it exciting.

Product training videos should be very, very short - that is, broken into several shorter videos rather than one long one. People are usually consulting product training videos on a "moment of need" basis - and they don't have the time or the interest to sort through ancillary information.



Corporate Sales and Acquisitions

Our corporate video production team are creative visual artist with a focus on strategic media marketing value – and that’s a rare mix in our field. We understand how to weave corporate value proposition into every program we produce – global and domestic. That means scripting with authority, cinematic filming with purpose and editing to tell a digital story that connects and compels your audience to action.  This unique video production was done for the Teles Property and Douglas Elliman partnership as a unique way to invite the new expansion into Orange County.  With Aerial Filming, 4K interviews and a multitude of hyper lapse and time laps filming, this unique piece turned a grip of heads for sure.

Business Profile Videos

When you need to increase the profile of your business, only a  produced by Hilo will cut it.  We have the know-how, skills and outright talent to inspire confidence and enthusiasm in your brand from your audience. We spent a good bit of time within the KDA company and location in Irvine, CA establishing history, culture and product awareness for this in depth corporate profile video.  Our scripting and pre production team spent a solid month devloping the digital story and wrapping it into products, service and company vision throughout the interviews.  Tying it all in with some unique aerials, hyper lapse filming and a lot of fun motion filming, this story was told and the clients were breathless!



We attribute our success to first-rate customer service, effective communication (sometimes at 1am) relationship building and an dedication to video production excellence. Our team provides top notch dedicated service to our clients. A good bit of our clients are corporate executives with demanding jobs and we are empathetic to the corporate world, we know that budgets need to be adhered to and deadlines need to be met.


World-Class Production Values

One of the areas that makes us unique and sets us apart from our competitors is our rigorous focus on maintaining the highest video production values in everything we do. Just because we aren’t shooting a big screen blockbuster doesn’t mean we can’t shoot on the very best digital cinema 4K cameras, or shoot in some of the most stunning locations around California. In fact, we’ve filmed in some of the most well-known studios including Paramount and Warner Brothers, and we’ve incorporated large-scale hyper lapse/time lapse, underwater shoots and helicopter filming – because, well, why wouldn’t we?


Corporate Video Communications

Getting internal communication right requires authentic care and expertise to ensure the tone and messaging is absolutely correct. Whether talking to senior management about a new venture or telling staff about cost reduction, it’s vital that the company you work with have a clear understanding of the nuances of message delivery. Our digital video production team knows how to ensure your message is delivered and received in the best way possible.



We care about our work immensely

Hilo's team of corporate cinematographers and team help ambitious businesses grow with high quality corporate video production. We create compelling videos to deliver your marketing message and engage both internal and external audiences.

We are an end-to-end creative video production company; working with passion to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production to delivery with a digital marketing support package.

Thanks to an increase in production values and the liberal use of animation and motion graphics, corporate videos no longer need to be dull. Our in-house talent means we can combine the ingredients of high-end video production into every project, creating end results that are awe-inspiring internal and external communication tools.

Our Orange County, CA based corporate video specialists will manage the production process from concept through to completion. Our award-winning team of directors, camera operators, script writers, video editors and producers, will ensure that your corporate video receives the highest level of work at every stage of it’s execution.

We understand the importance of delivering your video on schedule and on budget. That’s why we offer fast turnaround and some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

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