Video Production Portfolio

See why we sizzle! Look below to see what we can do for you and your brand. Unique cinematic style, flawless post production, and gripping narrative come together for an engaging video — every time. We’re not content with boring video productions. We create masterpieces that move and affect your audience. Your project deserves the best. You won’t find better video production in Orange County, CA. Using stunning hyper-lapse filming, 4K capture, and cinematic aerials, we deliver the video that grabs your tribe where it matters most: their eyes. 

E-commerce & Videos

If one of your goals is to increase sales conversions, videos should be an immediate go-to. By incorporating a face, a voice, a movement into your product, you tap into primal cues that increase the likelihood of a potential buyer to convert.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials provide evidence that you actually do solve customers problems and in fact, offer amazing benefits. Check out a great example of a video testimonial for Audeze.

TV Pilots & Trailers

Our passionate video production team takes pilots, reality series and film trailers to the next level with our cinematic style filming, innovating concepts and compelling pro lighting and sound.  

Commercials & Viral Videos

The Video above was filmed on RED DIGITAL CINEMA CAMERAS in 6K Ultra HD for the "burst a move" viral commercial campaign to promote health and wellness for NeoCell.  

Company Profile Videos

Hilo Motion Pictures offers a wide variety of company profile video production styles and ranges from larger corporations to start up businesses.

Product Video Production

Building brand awareness and promoting your products through video and content marketing campaigns is one of the most rewarding forms of digital media promotion there is.   We specialize in retail, products and online sales videos.

Lifestyle Videos

E-commerce product videos coupled with online marketing is a powerful combination. Putting a product video on your site makes it 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. 

Brand Storytelling & Product Launches

Branding videos clearly establishe what your brand is all about – its purpose, core values, and mission and offers the viewer more than just a product or service.

Corporate Videos

Our team of corporate videographers and cinematographers excel in telling unique stories and creating authentic video content for your business or company.  

 Website Videos

Boost your content marketing strategy with user and client engagement, consider using video to create trust for your brand through video content. Take your video marketing to the next level this year.  

Tech/App Video Promo

This video promo was filmed for a tech company in Silicon Vally, Ca and promoted their application software, services as well as company profile within the production.  

Crowdfunding & Product Launch

Create the crowdfunding campaign video you need to flourish.We offer affordable crowdfunding video production and video marketing strategy for Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding. 

Custom Branding Videos

Customized from the ground up, our unique cinematic style always steals the show.  Looking to get an edge on your competition?   Consider turning heads and blowing minds with a cinematic video production experience on your website!

Video Tours & Real Estate

Cinema style aerials of this Unique Central California area makes this lifestyle tour video of San Luis Obispo a remarkable visual experience. Within the tour, Avivo Townhomes makes its presence known!

Sizzle Reels & Trailers

Our dynamic post production editing and color specialists can create head turning and eye popping cinematic trailers, sizzle reels and company demos.

Promotional Video

Because promotional videos allow you to get up close and personal with your visitors giving them a chance to see something that your competition hasn’t been as transparent about.

Cinematic Hyperlapse & Time Laps Filming

With a unique blend of hyper lapse and time lapse filming styles we create the impossible and take creativity to the next level in all our our video productions.  

Online & Retail Products

This unique lifestyle product video production is created custom for each amazon product line and the videos are produces in high quality HDR for the 4K delivery format.

Product Explainers & Training

We filmed this product training video for DFI in a 2 day shoot using Talent and locations. Using Motion graphics, we made this epic lifestyle product version short and sweet.

Hotels & Resorts

Looking to put your resort or hotel at the top of googles search engines?   Try a unique blend of "location tour" and lifestyle filming in your next promotional video production.

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