The Process 

Hilo Pictures creates unique, innovative video in Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA. And we can get you epic video productions in half the time of our competitors. How? Our efficient video process has been honed by 15 years of experience. See how our flexible, adaptable process is shaped to meet your company’s needs.  Deadlines = No Problem We have your back! Most of our 2-3 minute videos can meet deadline in 30 days or less. Our experienced crew has been hitting quick deadlines for most of their careers, and we thrive on putting our passion and expertise to the test. Let us know your deadline, and we’ll hustle to get it to you 2-3 days before it’s due. 

See our efficient video production process below...


1. Discovery

The first step, and the most detailed oriented.  Again, focusing on communication and opening up every available line of communication for both teams.  This is everything from the first consult to see what your message is, brainstorming, video concept development and planning – ensuring all of our ducks are in alignment before moving to pre-production.  Its about our video production team understanding exactly what clients wants to achieve with their video, what are their video marketing goals and were is the final platform it will be presented online or commercially.


2. Pre-Production

The second step is where we begin to communicate the creative side – the outline for the video production, visual planning, scouting locations, scripting, etc. It’s really the foundation of your build.  This part of the video production process gives you a full layout in an outline format (Video Treatment) of how the video is going to look, any graphics, texts or music score also.  Before we film, you know what everything is going to look like and this is the most involved part of the production process.


3. Video Production

Basically the "main coarse" of the production process this is where we do the video magic.  We bring our 4K Cameras onto the set, lighting, professional audio, aerial video equipment and everything else that makes our motion filming and unique cinema style come to life.  Production is the moment where all the time and energy spent in the pre-production and discovery takes flight and turns into something dynamite and head turning.


4. Post Production

As we go into post production video editing you see all the filming and production process come together into a time line format. So, editing the animation, motion graphics, music research, the voice over or that might be done beforehand – but anything we’ve filmed on set for the production days needs to be edited. Editing can take anything from 1-3 weeks to be completed, we strive between 7-14 days but larger shoots sometimes take a longer time to color enhance and edit. 


5. Video Distribution & Upload

The final stage of the process – getting your video in front of the demographic who need to see it! What channels and platforms do you want the marketing videoto be on? To be on social channels, the video will need to be specially edited to these facebook/Instagram specifications too.  We always come up with a plan to stretch this video content across all the platforms in the discovery and pre-production so your 1-2 videos can be 5-7 for your marketing team.


Communication Is Truly Key

Our main focus for every video production we film is communication!  From start to finish, our creative team guides you through the information processes and learns about what makes your company or brand tick.  Our project management process keeps you in the loop 100% from start to finish.  We answer our emails, pick up our phones and of coarse even indulge in a text message if sometime is urgent.  Our clients are our "partners" and we won't sleep until your production is a cinematic masterpiece.


Extraordinary Filming Styles

Adding Hyper-lapse, true aerial filming and advanced cinema based styles in all of our video productions allows us to create remarkable video content for your brand, company or product.  Our Creative Team makes the process very fast and efficient working with your teams to create your cinematic video production masterpiece.  Again, communication is always key in video production, and we offer 24-7 support on all projects.  You can even call the owner "TIM" at 3am to discuss your visual needs!  (True Story).