5 Legit Video Content Trends 2017 for Business

Legit Video Content Trends 2017 for Your Business and Marketing Team!

When it comes to online and web video, there is no stopping the metaphoric "snowball" that has been rolling for over a decade now!  The question we need to ask ourselves is this.  Does online video deserve more of a "team captain" position in your 2017-2018 marketing plan?

2016 showed us 1 thing as business owners.  We need online video production of some capacity.   We can keep fighting it or just throw our hands in the air....and allocated some of those "old and outdated" print dollars to some proper video production for our companies and products.   Just like websites came along and everyone had to have one, video is the same trend.   Below are some trends, data and fun facts that you should know this year before your start your video campaigns. 


1.  Video Drives more self service sales processes

Ok.  Even I don't know what that statement above really means, but I read it online so it must be true!   Actually, to put it another way:   Ten years ago your website was the hub for prospects to build interest in your business, company and products.  But if they wanted to convert through they would need to call or meet with a sales rep especially in B2B varieties!

Today Consumers have been trained to expect a self-serve experience.   Video on Demand?   Now its consumerism on demand!  Which is good for everyone because it increases the overall funnel to nowhere!  19% of prospects only want to talk to a salesperson at the consideration stage of the buying process, while 40% of prospects prefer to buy without ever speaking with a salesperson at all. When you incorporate video into your sales processes, customers get what they want: a frictionless, self-serve experience on their time, and on their terms.


2.  Consumers WILL EXPECT content to be in the form of video

Necessity, not a luxury!   Get your proverbial "check books" ready, and your creative juices flowing because you are making a video this month!   Yes.  It starts now, because the longer you wait the further you fall behind.   Local Video production companies are easy find.  Just google it!   

25% of consumers will lose interest in your brand if you don’t have a video explaining your product or service, it’s easy to see how much of an expectation there is for video to be a part of the buying experience. But your videos aren’t just about the consumer experience…

Today, the average product has 15-20 life breathing, hatchet swinging and button clicking competitors. Unless you’re running a carnegie monopoly, that increased competition means that your brand will need to stand out from competitors by meeting prospects where they are (online) in the format they prefer (video).


3.  Video Quality Will Trump Video Quantity

My Absolute favorite!   This is the truest story every told in the universe, and despite what "social marketing companies are pushing" (which is generally a dump in a box) the quality of your video is not only appreciated by your viewers, but its the true measure of engagement.   Everyone knows what a silly Facebook and Instagram video looks like by their neighbor who is filming their cats jumping into each other while their dog runs circles.    Lets keep this where it needs to be and thats at the bottom of your feed to read when your having a bad day.   

Higher-quality videos rise above the rest, see higher engagement, and drive overall better results in the sea of digital content. Plus, they’re more likely to stand the test of time, which means you’ll see higher ROI and an asset that you can rely on for years to come.


4. Online Video is Becoming the Content PIE!  (not just a piece)

It’s not that text or images don’t have a place, anymore. But remember: video will eventually be expected as a part of the consumer experience, or else a big chunk of your prospects will lose interest.

If you’re worried about a massive hit to your budget, remember that your video content doesn’t have to be highly-produced. Live video is quickly becoming a tool that gives brands a high level of reach and engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so take full advantage.

Either way, video is looking to claim more of the digital real estate in 2017.


5.  Every Brand Is Prioritizing Video Marketing Strategies

As hot as video has become, creating a video strategy is surprisingly not as popular. Many companies actually take the “ready, fire, aim” approach when it comes to video marketing by creating random videos before thinking about their strategy.

Expect that to change, though, especially as businesses discover that video gets the best return and results, only when it’s tied back to a well-planned strategy.


If I haven't convinced you yet that your sales may be suffering because your lack of video content online, then just google "video content online".   If you are sitting there scratching your "dome" wondering where to start, then give me a call directly on my website number or send the form below. Talk to me about your product or service, and I will happily give you some direction, point you towards a reputable production company and advise you in the creative planning process!    Thanks for reading my nonsense today!   

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