Monthly Video Production Subscription Services

Monthly video production subscriptions are now available in the Orange County area from Hilo Pictures. The monthly video service plans are designed for brands and companies that need to post high quality content to their website and social media sites on a weekly or monthly basis. All plans include filming at 4K resolution, lighting sounds and all the motion filming rigs you can dream of!  Perfect for brands posting on Youtube, websites, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their other social media sites.

Why should I consider a video production subscription?

Perhaps you have big plans to fill up your social media calendar with posts that feature video content. It can be very time consuming to get quotes from service providers every single time you need to produce a video for your blog, web site or Facebook page. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a partner who is committed to helping you make sure this happens on an ongoing basis? By signing up for subscription-based video production services with Hilo Pictures, you know that every month we’ll meet your ongoing goals for telling stories with video.

How much does a video production subscription cost?

The answer to this question is one you’re probably expecting: “It depends”. We would be happy to discuss the costs of video production with your team and the same factors apply to video production subscription services, but we understand that you’d probably like to have some idea about costs before you reach out to us. That’s why on this page we’ve provided you with three sample subscription plans. The plans below give you a very good idea of what your costs will be with a month to month commitment. Because every subscription plan is customized for you, however, your costs may vary a bit.


Give your marketing plan the boost it deserves!

(All videos are portfolio samples, results may vary per client)







Strategic Consulting & On-Going Review

It all starts with strategy! We’ll begin with an initial strategic review where we’ll help you find the best opportunities to use video throughout your organization, from content marketing, to sales enablement, staff recruitment, and e-commerce. Whether producing your own content in-house, or working with our production team, monthly follow-ups are key to ensuring long-term success.Engage your audience on social media and generate leads using video in your content marketing. Our subscription-based video production services help mitigate the unpredictability of costs and timelines, while we help you to iterate over time to maximize results.

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Hilo Pictures is a creative video agency and full service video production company producing high quality sharable content for your online, e-commerce and social media outlets. We conceptualize, write scripts, direct, cast, film and edit viral videos, branded films, product and promotional videos, web and TV commercials, episodic content and live video streaming production.

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