App Store Preview Video Production

We’ve been expecting this for a while now, but just last week Apple announced that with the release of iOS 8 the App Store will now be able to house App Preview Videos.  You know what that means?  It’s time to start making some amazing video content to promote your app in the app store or on Google Play! But not just any old videos. We want to make sure your app preview video has a cutting edge look as well as the functionality and marketing value that does your app justice.  Watch then download!

Our team of app store video experts excel in telling a unique digital story that creates a sense of urgency to download your app directly after play.  Our quality and editing is unparalleled and we can usually turn around the projects in a couple weeks to get your video up and going!   




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Producing The Best App Store Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words…Video is the best thing next to actually downloading and trying your app. Show what’s magic and unique about your app in under 30 seconds. Our team of app video production specialists will walk you through the storytelling aspect of your video and make sure we get the high resolution screen shots of your apps functionality. And we stress "high resolution". At then end of the day, we want to create an app preview video that is going to promote the download and try button!



Digital Storytelling Within The App Video

The basic idea is that video lets you go beyond the screenshots to show what your app or game is all about: showing the UI, the gameplay. So you can get your point across. With an App Preview on the App Store, potential customers will now be able to quickly assess an app before downloading it. Telling a story is a key element. Our Pre Production team walks you through the process and scores the app preview video accorindly to match your users genre and demographics. You dont want to be selling your app to the wrong age grouop!


Apple's Video Content Requirments

Apple’s content requirements are harsh. Lenient at first, later on demands regarding photo and video promo materials became pressing. Apps that ignore following Cupertino’s recommendations, which are more of a commanding and imperative nature, are sacked from the store by moderators and then forwarded to owners for reconsideration. We have all the ins and outs of the video sizes, mb/per second and every form of formatting and enconding you need to launch your preview video.

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