Why you need video for e-commerce products

Why you need video for e-commerce products?

E-commerce industry has been growing by leaps and bounds, and is one of the industries directly benefitting from the improvement in technology. One of these big changes came in the form of e-commerce product videos. Product videos could be simple advertisements displaying product in different ways, to showcase the complete features and look of the product, or they could simply be 360 videos displaying product from all sides. 

What makes videos more effective than photos is the fact that potential customers can get involved with the video and see how it will look in reality. E-commerce used to sell majorly on pictures alone, and most of the online sellers still rely on quality imagery to sell products. However, for those who are relying on pictures alone, it is time to make the switch and look for some of the sellers having Amazon Videos for selling products only. 

Videos Improve Conversions

It is not just theoretical, but also a researched topic. E-commerce Videos help in improving conversions by about 85-100%. This is because the product looks much real and authentic when seen from all sides, and people can relate to it. People buy online mostly by seeing the products and how they look. Online video take this process to the next level by giving the exact sense of the product from different angles in a video. One can easily imagine how a product will appear in real life when seeing it in a video.

Lesser Product Returns

The major reason for product returns is when it doesn’t match the image properly. This, often times, is because of the two-dimensional nature of the images which restricts the customers from seeing the product in its entirety in almost all angles. Videos eliminate that factor, and the product can be seen in its entirety in small videos because the same product is being turned 360 degrees or moved around, and it is continuous motion which helps in creating the perfect three dimensional images in the mind of the buyer. This automatically cuts out plenty of returns, and research has shown that a quarter returns were reduced when using product videos. 

Top Sellers Use Videos

When you browse through the online sellers portfolios, most of the top sellers would be found using product videos. This is because they are the first to recognize the potential of these videos, and turn them into something favorable. Their insistence and continuance in videos ascertains one to believe that E-commerce videos are indeed the game-changer in the world of online selling. it is also imperative that we learn from the way they display their products in video.

This Generation Loves Videos

This video production was filmed for an amazon and e-commerce video for the global leader in Home and Kitchen (LOCK&LOCK). This was a series of 3 Videos filmed over 4 days in Orange County California with 4K & 5K Ultra HDR digital cinema cameras. This unique lifestyle video production is created custom for each amazon product line and the videos are produces in high quality HDR for the 4K delivery format. For all our our videos visit our website at the link below. HILO WEBSITE: https://hilopictures.com

It is not hidden, and plenty of researches have proven that the current generation is more into videos than reading text or seeing pictures. Videos are often times more engaging than text, especially in the age of lower attention spans. A 10-30 seconds video is enough to interest and attract a buyer for the product, helping the conversion, while text may forever remain unnoticed and unread. Since most of the E-commerce industry target is youth, it is natural to use videos to try and engage them with the products.

Search Engine Visibility is Vastly Improved

When you use Video Services from someone, you don’t only help improve the conversions of the product but also help in creating a search visibility for the product. This is done by using the same videos not just on e-commerce platforms, but also on other platforms. Google and YouTube are two top search engines from the same house. Google results show videos on first page, and YouTube is also a Google Product only. Putting your video on YouTube can help your product reach a visibility beyond simply the E-commerce website, and is beneficial especially if you have your own E-commerce site.

Social Media and Videos is a Match Made in Heaven

Facebook is now seriously trying to compete with YouTube in videos. Facebook Ads are much easier and cheaper to set up. Instagram and Facebook are now having the same owner, and Facebook allows ads to be sent to Instagram too. Snapchat is also opening up to the videos. All in all, it is the time social media has taken videos very seriously. To create brand awareness apart from just selling products, we need social media presence, and videos help boost that presence a great deal in today’s world.

Mobiles are Video-Friendly

This product video production was done for an amazon echo dot 360 surround speaker in Orange County & Los Angeles California. This long tracking shot was designed and connected custom for this video production and cheorographed to wrap around a 100 yard area in 1 shot. If you would like more info on videos of this nature contacts us at: https://hilopictures.com

Watching videos on mobile is much easier than watching images or reading text, although even images aren’t as bad. So if you have an informative video about the product, the prospective customer will get all the information there itself, and can make an informed decision. More and more people are doing all their browsing on mobile. It is more convenient, and people can do it when they are actually free and relaxed, as opposed to working on the system. This means, targeting mobile viewers will have a higher conversion rate as opposed to the computer users – talking only about people targeted for viewing the product.

Text can be Added Easily

When producing videos for e-commerce, we can easily add text to it. This can totally eliminate the misinformation and miscommunication by using apt keywords at correct timings, thereby making the product much easier to sell and the returns minimal. Informative videos can turn the conversion rate sky high simply because the customer need not see or read anything else, all the important information is right there.


Videos have been changing the world quickly, and e-commerce is no different. As the top sellers have recognized already, e-commerce videos can improve the conversions, while also boosting social media presence and search engine visibility. It is time to get product videos online.

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