Video Testimonials and Why They are Effective!

Video Testimonials and Why They are Effective!

The world is skipping text and reading. Videos are everywhere. The attention spans are lower. So why would you have someone read testimonials written on website when they don’t even read other important parts of life? Also, the written testimonials may appear as fake, even though they may be true. Enter Video Testimonials – the need of the hour.

Video testimonials are videos where people share their opinions and positive reviews about a product, company, or person while being recorded with their face and voice in it. Video testimonials have been used like advertising campaigns by companies for decades, but the technology has made it possible for everyone to be able to create these video testimonials quite easily. 


Why Video Testimonials Work?

Videos deliver more in less time

While it takes time to go through the text, video content can be delivered at a much faster pace. An average of 100-200 words can be delivered per minute of a video. A few seconds of video is enough to provide the keywords, and in much logical and natural manner, instead of being stuffed inside words. The language of testimonials also tends to be simpler, with usage of heavy words being less. This also helps in simplifying the content and helps it reach further.

Emotional Connect – An Eye to Eye Interaction

The emotional connect a video testimonial can make is simply impossible to achieve via any other medium. It is almost like a personal interaction someone is having with you, as if a friend or a relative is endorsing a product or service. This personal connection and the way the story is shared, with a personal touch, it is where the magic of video testimonials lies. It also creates a trust, which is the foundation stone for any business or brand.

Social Media Loves Videos

Yes, you are right. YouTube happens to be the 2ndbiggest search engine after Google. Facebook has opened up to the possibilities of videos. Instagram and Snapchat are taking videos more seriously. Even instant messaging platforms allow an easier spread of videos now, as compared to earlier times. This is possible simply because social media has woken up to the fact that videos deliver information faster and more accurately. 

Gone are the times of long forward messages, now it is just videos. So if a brand or business intends to use it to their advantage, video testimonials, especially when made well and with a personal touch, can help the brand reach further. 

Word of Mouth Sells

Word of mouth has been the oldest and most effective way of marketing. Who do we ask for recommendations when we need something first – family, friends and relatives, right? This chain spreads the word about the brand or the product, or even in case of movies or plays. This helps in gaining natural support and fan-base. 

Video testimonials offer exactly the same; they are spread by word of mouth and can be delivered easily. When you have customers who are willing to record their experiences of working with you, you can use them to the advantage of spreading your brand. Not only will be impact the brand image, make it more personal, but also the customer will feel part of the brand than just being a customer.

The Costs are down and Equipment Quality is up

It is one of the greatest times to invest in the video testimonials because it is easier to make videos now, and the cost-effectiveness is amazing. For those who are short of budget, even a good quality phone can now make crisp videos with clear sound. The quality of equipment is so much better these days that you don’t even need all the expensive and huge equipment to record a video testimonial. Also, it feels much more natural and at-ease when recording in phone instead of a bulky camera gear. 

Of course, there’s no substitute for quality, and if you can, you must use highest quality equipment possible. The videos can be seen in different places, and a higher quality video will automatically translate better on larger screens as well as smaller screens. However, that should be done only if it is possible. If it isn’t, there are enough alternatives to deliver your message cost-effectively.

Search Engine Optimization – The Requirement of Data

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the 2ndlargest search engine in the world after Google. Google itself shows video results on first page itself. This, clubbed with the fact that Search Engine Optimization now takes videos into account too – should make you rush to create videos for your brand. However, it isn’t easy to make high quality video content for all brands and businesses. It usually requires professionals who come and work on various projects, and especially for small companies, creating video content for social media isn’t easy.

To fill this void, while also working on video content of different styles, like advertisements etc, it is good to fill up the video space with testimonials. So each time someone agrees to record their story, you can just put it up online on YouTube and Facebook and enjoy the improved search rankings. Even Facebook is taking videos seriously, and Facebook search results may help too. 


Video testimonials are considered to be the most effective video content on the web, especially when it comes to a brand. Not only does it help in promoting the brand, but it also creates an inter-personal approach of the brand. People can connect to the brand more; the customers in the videos can feel ownership of the brand and would always refer to the brand in the good way. It also improves SEO, and social media is opening up to the video testimonials. It is reason enough to take videos more seriously, and video testimonials are the way to do it.

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