Why Videos Featuring Humans Are Easier To Trust

Why Videos Featuring Humans Are Easier to Trust

Video marketing is a relatively new marketing trend that has many benefits for virtually any business. Adding video to your website is a quick, simple, convenient way to reach more customers, generate more sales, and respond to your customers' needs, without spending a lot of money or time. The beauty of video marketing is that once the video is made, it can be placed anywhere on the Internet, sent through email to anyone, and it continues to work even while you sleep. According to eMarketer.com, spending for online video advertising in 2012 will surpass the $3 billion mark, making it the fastest growing online platform.


Benefits of Using Video

Continuous Communication - Once a video or testimonial is made, you can use it repeatedly. A video will show you at your best, day and night, even if you are sleeping or under the weather.


Eliminate Confusion

Although the written word is an excellent way to advertise and promote, it is not known for its ability to convey emotion. Video production allows a person to express non-verbal cues by way of body language and a facial expression, which helps the viewer understand the meaning of your message more clearly.


Build Rapport and Trust Online

Before a potential customer buys a product or service, there must be a level of trust between the company and the buyer. Videos help build familiarity and trust.


Add the Human Touch  

Video marketing does something that no other online method does: adds a personal touch to your advertising. It shows your prospects that you care and inspires them to do business with you.


Adds a "Wow Factor" to Your Website  

People are visual creatures and a simple way to wow them is to add video to your website. Video allows you to add dazzling presentations that stimulate viewers in ways that written word cannot.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Get a jump on your competition by adding video to your web- site. Your product or service will be more memorable than the competition and allows poten- tial customers to put a face to the brand.


Facts about Video Marketing

  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online video
  • 68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers display videos on their website
  • A video in Google's index is 53% more likely to appear on the first page search result