Property Video Tours for Real Estate and Developers

This remarkable video tour and real estate video production was created for Montage developers and Avivo homes this past spring.  Our video production crew was on location for 7 days and of coarse we had to tackle some rain and inclement weather in the San Luis Obispo region.  Utilizing aerial filming and production as well as on site 4K video cameras we were able to portray the "SLO" lifestyle as well as give you a tour of the area.  Last but not least you also get to see the inside of the real estate homes as we toured through 4 unites and pulled the best motion gimbal shots we could.  

Filmed in 4K Ultra hd along with various drone and aerial production methods, gimbals, sliders and a variety of stabilizers to get the amazing elegant shots.  Climbing mountains is not my personal specialty but you can see a wonderful aerial or 2 of the San Luis Obispo town and landscape from the high points we scaled to get the shots.   

Cinema style aerials of this Unique Central California area makes this lifestyle tour video of San Luis Obispo a remarkable visual experience. Within the tour, Avivo homes makes its presence with its amazing San Luis Lifestyle and surrounding area landmarks. Enjoy the lifestyle of San Luis Obispo with close proximity to the ocean and wine country. Avivo gives you the perfect location to relax and yet still be a short commute away from the main city. Come visit us and see how easy it is! Visit the website at:


Property video tours are reshaping the real estate and developer business.

Digital online media is the primary source of information, real estate agents and developers are finding it more and more difficult to complete with mobile media and digital marketing for real estate agents..  Those who implement new "tech" and "video" into their methodologies for business are much more likely to succeed with securing properties then those who don't.   

Real Estate and Social Media

The biggest way real estate agents are creating a "buzz" using social media is through digital property video tours and productions.  After a large amount of new clients this year and rising interest I believe in the production method and is essential that real estate agents have some form of visual property tours and videos.  The turn rate has skyrocketed within our client base and to be honest, there are just smiles across the board especially when we turn out a beautiful on site real estate video production.

Video Tours Expand the Potential Client Base

Agents used to rely upon "open houses" and showing the proper 1 by 1 to clients in order to peak the interest of buyers.  The issue with these methods today in the real estate market is that clients are fewer and the demographic is a bit more restricted.  I have seen houses go on the market in Orange County, CA and the next day have worldwide buyers lined up for the property because of the location tour posting.  With property video tours, the amount of potential clients is unlimited.

Video Property Tours Increase Profitablity

In the end, its really what everyone is looking for when we are expanding.  Although our clients are a key factor and how we treat them, we also are always looking to the head winds of expansion.  Real Estate agents who use video property production tours have to spend a lot less time and profits promoting their listing.  Because the cost of producing a tour video is a lot less then you would spend on other various marketing methods, real estate agents can use the extra profit to put back into those respected methods.   Video First....Marketing 2nd.   IDK.  Seems out of the norm but it works.

How do property video tours work?

When creating a property video tour, a real estate agent should use the same techniques which he or she uses when showing the property physically. Ensure that you give ample time to each room, explaining the qualities which make the property worth investing in. As you will be showing the property physically later, do not focus too much on the negativities of the property. Such can be addressed on the physical showing. However, do not make a fixer upper sound like the Caesar’s palace.

Remember when you create your property video tour, the video will be offered worldwide once it is put on the internet. Try not to use terminology that limits your client base.


What hosting platform do I need to use and how does it work.

When you think of video production you immediately type into google ‘YouTube’ which has become the premier hosting platform used by a billion people worldwide to view videos. It’s free and it’s also a great way to get SEO for your estate agency as they are owned by Google. is also a contender and gets picked up in the google searches.  Also a free platform.

Another great platform for video is Vimeo which is a bit more professional and way better designed. You can sign up for a pro account which gives you lots of advantages and it is something you should check out if you are serious about conducting video tours.


We know of a few more various methods besides social media that have been know to work.  If you would like some more info on this I would be glad to share my expertise.

If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to me directly through my website.