Creative Video Content – For the Brands of Future

Creative Video Content – For the Brands of Future

Video content has grown leaps and bounds in terms of the production, styles, and end result. Social media, in particular, has provided us with both the challenge and the inspiration to break the conventions and create new ways of using videos for brands and businesses. These new ways include several of the techniques mixed together – video, animations, text, sound, video without sound, video in a different resolution, etc. 

For the new brands, it is the time to put effort and strategize to come up with interesting and creative content that not only hooks the audience, but also is capable of creating an image for the brand. It is a difficult but ideal time for the new brands to put effort, because very few brands actually are able to put the effort and stand out of the crowd. So those who do well at this stage tend to stand out.


The Strategy for Creative Content

The strategy for creative content is defined by two factors – the brand and product image, and the social media channel. You can’t be too creative to change the way you want your brand image to be seen. So if you envision your brand to be a classy one, you can’t go all funky trying to be creative just to attract a few more eyeballs. That is simply not your target audience.. And you can get slightly creative with the channel that you are going to use the content in, but there’s always the prerequisite that you understand what you are doing. Also, it is really important to understand the social media channel, whether you go as per how it is suggested or you are experimenting a little with the image.


The Target Audience – Helps you Fix Content

When you know what the brand image your brand needs to have, you need to work on the target audience. The target audience is the most important factor in building any brand. Wrongly targeted audience can work to harm you more than help. The correctly curated targeted audience can help you save time, energy, and costs on video production, video marketing, and also choosing the social media channels more effectively. For example, if the target audience is teenagers, you would prefer Instagram to Facebook. Therefore, your main efforts will go towards building the brand on Instagram and promoting on Instagram. Of course Facebook remains important, but Instagram is where filtered audience comes though for you. 

The target audience, apart from helping fix the channels you need to invest in, also helps in creating the content. When you have the brand image, and combine that with the target audience, you come up with better content ideas because you have narrowed down the entire spectrum to a manageable range. It is also easier to work with a specific set of audience in mind, and then go on creating content for them instead of making anything at all and hoping it will work.


The Method – Animation, Sounds, and More

Today’s video content need not be anything extraordinary, especially for the social media. It, rather, needs to be easy to understand and attractive to the eyes. Therefore, it need not always be great videos or stunning animations. It can be a simple slideshow with text animation, and it will still work out well enough. What is important, though, is that the brands express their content in the way the public likes to consume – an attractive and entertaining way.

The one important change has been the sound. Sound is extremely important to any video, but Facebook, with its scroll down feature where videos play without sound until you click them, has brought a new challenge to video producers. One is that the videos should be attractive without sound too. Therefore, apart from visuals, clear text is the key. It should be clearly readable on the phone also. 

Also, it needs to be fast and pass the 3-second challenge. 3 seconds is the time that an average viewer will spend on video on Facebook before scrolling down to other content. If your video can pass the 3 second challenges, it is likely to make an impact; otherwise it will remain lost in the depths with countless other videos.


Emotions – Important for Brand

Emotions are what help us in creating a connect with the audience. If the video has enough emotions, it can hold the audience clearly. An emotional and touching story is what has been the common thread among the brands in recent years, where instead of telling about the product or service, they talk about a story and the underlying emotion – which is connected to the brand values. 

You can choose the emotions the brand portrays and then work on it the same way you would go about choosing brand colors and designing everything around the same. If the emotion is love, respect, or trust, an emotional story can easily compile them into one brand campaign, especially when done well. Same is the case if the emotion is laughter. In today’s day and age, brand emotion also plays an equally important role, and the challenge of creating content around the same is that the first emotion of the audience should be the same as portrayed by the brand advertisements or videos.



Apart from the brand image, there are several other important factors to oversee while creating creative brand content. Be it brand emotions, identifying the right target audience, and facing the social media challenges; creative video content requires more creative work due to various challenges that have cropped up. But once it is done well, creative video content can help your brand reach far and wide, and also improves its brand recall value.

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