Use Business Profile Videos To Attract New Clients

Using Videos To Boost Your Ranking

Video is NOT going away! Video is only getting better and today it is being used in expressive and creative ways to market businesses. All businesses large or small, can benefit with using Video in their website to boost traffic and promote sales because Video creates excitement and action!



When a visitor comes to your website, they are not looking to get hit with a sales pitch. If they feel they are being "sold" something, they will likely leave your site without looking further. It would be much better to have an informational video on what your business is. Information on your company, like the core values of your company. What products your company has to offer. What services your company provides. If your video is more "informative" instead of trying to "sell" them on your products, they are more easily influenced and interested in listening about your company and see something they like.



The best salesperson is a happy customer. You may have more knowledge and know what message you want your business to reflect, but you would never be as convincing as someone who has had an actual "good" experience with your business. Having Video testimonials will work for you 24/7. Visitors to your website can see, hear and they "trust" the opinion from someone who has actually used your service or bought your products.



This means by having the proper tags, descriptions and content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You webpage will be more likely hit the front page of Google especially since Video competition is far less fierce in almost all categories. Video is the way to increase your websites traffic by getting you a better Google ranking.



It is worth every penny to have your main Video professionally produced. While it's okay to have low-budget, self-made videos on blogs or YouTube, for your business website, it needs to be professional for your visitors to take you seriously. You have a wonderful opportunity to make a lasting impression. You want your potential customers to think highly of your company.



Allowing blogging on your website, gives your customer a voice while keeping your website current and interesting to visitors. Encourage video and content on your blog.



This means to keep adding content to your website. If you want to keep interaction around your business, then keep updating content. Adding simple video updates can go a long way. Short videos from your employees, or messages of new product with video, create a good reason to return to your site. Your visitors will notice the changes and visit more often.



Have you thought of showing your customers what goes on at your business? Have a video of what goes on behind the scenes while your video introductions to your employees. Have the employees describe a bit of what they contribute. You will be amazed how this creates a familiarity and trust from your customers when they get to know your company employees better. Videos with professional graphics and music always attract interest and are more likely to be shared on social websites.



Allow visitors to post your videos on their social websites. Add social share buttons to make it easy for your customers to share with others. When making your videos, consider that they are self explanatory when they are off of your website. Sharing your videos promotes others visitors to come to your website.



You just never know what page a visitor lands on, so treat every page as a homepage. Video is so enticing to the visitor. The play button tempts them and is the loudest call to action ever devised. You would be foolish not to use it to keep visitors on your website and going to the next page.



Using Video to answer questions, FAQs, give technical support and it's even advantageous to provide tutorials on how to use your products. There are several ways to use Video as an informational tool. This video service is open 24/7 and is more useful to your customer than any manual could be. Make sure you provide this for your customer.