Five Tips for Building Brand Trust Using Profile Videos

Profile Videos are a great way to develop your brand. YouTube video is available in over 19 countries. YouTube receives over 2 million views each day. Videos can build your brand by increasing your visibility, credibility and showcasing your expertise. YouTube videos also aid in search engine optimization. It can also encourages the viewer to visit your website and learn more about you and your business. My five tips for building your brand using video will aid in growing your visibility online.

Five Tips for Using Video to Build Your Brand


1. Share knowledge:

You can build your brand by sharing tips in your videos. I encourage you to recycle your blog or article content. You will want to keep your video around three minutes in length or less. People do not like to watch lengthy videos. Your business may want to develop a one minute video series.


2. Highlight a product:

Using video allows you to show your customers how to use a product they have purchased. It can also be used to show what the product looks like from various angles. People are visual. When potential customers see what the cake, article of clothing or car looks like they may be inspired to buy. When the person hears your voice and learns more about the company he or she may also be tempted to purchase because he or she feels a personal connection.


3. Expertise:

You can showcase your expertise by posting a video of you receiving your latest award or giving a presentation. Video allows you to share your knowledge but also develop your presence. When you speak clearly and confidently while sharing valuable content you are building your expertise. You may realize you have a few bad habits after watching your video. Maybe you have a nervous laugh, lick your lips, twist your hair, tug at an earring, or roll your eyes. Video allows you to see how others see and hear you. It is also a great tool for learning about how others may perceive you. If you do not like what you see or hear on video work on improving those things if you feel they are hurting your business reputation. Do not forget that your YouTube profile also allows you to promote you and your business using profile videos.


4. Drive Traffic:

Your YouTube video will drive traffic to your website or blog. Make time to complete your profile. The first thing you will want to put on your profile is your website and it is also the last thing you want to put on your profile. This will encourage viewers to click and visit your website. You can use more advanced techniques and upload your logo to your video, add captions and music. But, I recommend keeping it simple when you are first starting out so that you do not get discouraged. After making a basic video you may also want to outsource having all the bells and whistles added. Do not allow yourself to lose track of time when you should be working on revenue producing activities.


5. Share:

Do not forget to share your business video. You can post your video on your social networking sites, your blog or website. Your video can be incorporated into your newsletter or email. Videos can also be uploaded to a dvd and mailed to your client list. Think outside the box on how to recycle your video to grow your business. Your video can become a grassroots marketing tool.


If you do not like to type or write then I highly recommend you record a video. Again, recording a video does not require expensive equipment or a large investment of time. When you talk to the camera from the heart you will appear natural and sincere. People do business with those they know, like, trust and see as the expert. Video is a great tool for branding your business.

This video production was filmed in Irvine, CA for BNW INC. Starting with pre production, this was uniquely storyboarded into a treatment draft before going into production. Multiple days filming on location in Irvine, Ca as well as some Aerial Cinematography, Hyper-laps filming and the inevitable 4K Ultra HDR video recording. Professional lighting, sound stage and an immense amount of set design made this unique and inspiring video production for BNW come out a true masterpiece of production. If you would like a video production or company profile video like this, please contact us at our website below Website: