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5 Places to Shoot Travel Video in New York City

New York City.It’s impossible to say those words without conjuring up dreams of Broadway, fashion, and a thriving ever-changing metropolis. It’s no surprise that NYC is a videographer’s paradise. Everywhere I look, I see opportunities to capture dynamic shots full of vibrant color — shots that seem to sing.

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Discover Miami's Travel Video and Luxury Hotel Spots

Miami is a city of contradictions. While it’s home to a ton of upscale shopping, restaurants, and clubs, it also houses a diverse community with a strong work ethic. Overlaying all of it is tropical weather, access to stunning beaches, and a thriving nightlife. Because of its unique population and its incredible location in south Florida, it offers a wide variety of shots for the luxury travel video industry. 

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Salt Creek Beach - Dana Point California - Aerial Drone Travel Video And Photography

Starting with the Mavic Pro (My Go To for travel) I took up on the “grassy knoll” that sits overlooking the whole area.  I have to say, I liked the birds eye view from there and had a lot of control over directions as well as my return to home.  Lots to see and the Ritz Carlton kinda gives it some shimmer in that area.   

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