Luxury Travel Video in Palm Springs, CA

As a professional videographer, I’m always on the hunt for luxury travel video opportunities. But what does “luxury” really mean? I imagine a lot us think of plushy beds, room service, massages, and lobster dinners. 

However, in my line of work, I can turn almost anything into a luxurious video experience. With my GO PRO HERO 6, Lumix GH6, and Mavic Pro Drone, I’ve shot just about everything. In the online world, I don’t think it’s enough to showcase all the rich amenities your business offers. I think you need to go a step beyond and show them off — and that’s what I do with my professional experience and equipment.

That being said, here’s what’s on my travel video list around Palm Springs, CA.


Idyllwild isn’t necessarily what most people think of when they think “luxury.” Located around 45 minutes away from Palm Springs, CA, and nestled in San Jacinto State Park, it offers stunning mountain views and a taste of nature that always sets me up for great shots. Also interesting to me is the small town tucked away in the area, which boasts a lot of handmade and organic goods. While it doesn’t conform to our traditional standards of “luxury,” I do think that it makes for some compelling, inviting professional aerial footage that could draw more tourists in.

Balloons Above

Balloons Above, sometimes called Balloons Above the Desert, is a tourist favorite and a classic staple of Palm Springs, CA. Flying over the desert and Coachella Valley (depending on wind conditions), the company helps people soar into the sky. Many people talk about marking their balloon ride off of their bucket list and conquering their fear of heights. Personally, I think the colorful balloons above the austere desert makes a compelling travel video shot — and showcasing the journey upward with drone footage would make it even more attractive.

Tahquitz Canyon 

Naturally stunning and historically significant, Tahquitz Canyon offers a myriad of shooting opportunities. Whether it’s the natural features, shaped by the elements over millions of years, or the Native American cultural sites, Tahquitz could definitely benefit from additional travel video exposure. Lots of custom built yachts around as well.  


At the end of the day, when tourists finally come own from their balloon rides, back from Idyllwild or trek back from Tahquitz, they want to know which hotel is the best to stay in. That’s where Hilo Pictures comes in. With my cutting-edge equipment and top-tier videography, I’ve helped many hotels bring their features to life with dynamic, engaging video. Out in Palm Springs, there are three hotels I think could benefit from their own custom, top-of-the-line travel video footage.

The Saguaro Palm Springs 

Like a lot of travelers, I prefer hotels with personality, and this colorful has plenty of it to go around. Tucked away in Coachella Valley, the Saguaro offers an intriguing mix of modern lines and tropical colors. I love the mix of high-class amenity with relaxed, easy-going personality. Surrounded by skinny palm trees and offering views of the desert sunset, the Saguaro would be a pleasure to shoot at twilight with my Mavic Pro Drone. 

The Riviera Resort 

Conversely, while the Saguaro’s presentation is tongue-in-cheek, there’s nothing shy about the Riviera. A top resort that holds echoes of stars that passed through (think Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin), it offers posh mid-century glamour in spades. The Soleil Pool and Bar, and the Azure Spa and Salon, both offer a wealth of shots that my Lumix could bring to life. I think the biggest draw here (from a travel market video perspective) would be the mid-century décor, originally designed to echo old Las Vegas hotels. 

Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

Located near the afore-mentioned Taquitz Canyon, Kimpton Rowan makes the most of its desert surroundings, offering modern glass panels that allow travelers to take in the brilliant desert sunrises and sunsets. There’s a luxurious yet minimalist air to this hotel that plays very well with my cameras, and I imagine overhead drone footage at twilight would be phenomenal. 


No matter where you go, there are luxury travel video opportunities available. In Palm Springs, your camera will love the unique hotels, stunning desert vistas, and the balloons soaring overhead. 

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