Discover San Diego’s Travel Video Spots & Luxury Hotels

Discover San Diego’s Travel Video Spots 

Whenever I’m shooting luxury travel video, I find that it’s important to shoot a mixture of destinations. Besides shooting my target in ultra-high-quality, using techniques that are light years ahead of the game, I find that offering up a variety of footage from varied locations makes the end result more authentic. Besides telling a compelling story, the end result manages to create a sense of place, purpose, and context. 

And when it comes to branded luxury video, context is important. We’re bombarded by so many meaningless messages — having a fully-formed message sticks in the viewers’ brain and creates a need for action.


That’s why, in addition to envisioning which hotels could benefit from high-end luxury travel footage, I find other destinations that resonate with me (and hopefully the viewers). With my Lumix GH6, Mavic Pro Drone, and GO PRO HERO 6 in tow, here’s what made my shoot list in San Diego. 

Gas Lamp Quarter

This corner of downtown San Diego offers shots you can’t get anywhere else. Celebrating 150 years last year, this neighborhood boasts rich Victorian architecture, cocktails, and gastropubs, as well as an air of laidback fun. I especially love how the modern perspective of drone video meshes with the historical architecture. That same blend of historical and modern can be found in the high-energy clubs, youthful clientele, and serious air of energy that permeates the entire quarter. 

Mission Beach Boardwalk 

The ever-changing face of the ocean provides a ton of great shots. From a luxury travel video perspective, the ocean immediately calls to mind good memories and a sense of fun. The Mission Beach Boardwalk, which spans 3.5 miles, is no different. I love the laidback air of people walking along the boardwalk, accented by the shifting blue of the ocean and the hilly area surrounding it. A time-lapse shot or some drone footage is an awesome way to capture the beauty of nature and the bustle of people — which makes for seriously compelling travel video. 

1. SD2018.00_01_20_14.Still013.jpg

La Jolla Coast 

Further away from the hustle of Mission Beach is La Jolla Cove. It’s easy to see why California offers so many varied locales for movie-makers — La Jolla looks like a sub-tropical paradise. Aside from the low lying scrub pines, it could be Tahiti or Puerto Rico. So it’s no wonder that people come from all over to snorkel, bike, and kayak. I find that showcasing a glimpse of California’s natural beauty adds some flavor to luxury travel videos, and draws more viewers in. Lots of custom built yachts around as well.  

 But in addition to all the interest San Diego has to offer, there are three hotels that stand out in my mind as ones that would benefit from luxury travel video. Even though they’re all located near the Gas Lamp Quarter, each of them has their own personality that would come across loud and clear through branded travel video

Omni San Diego 

It’s hard to describe the Omni Hotel. A startling mixture of modern elegance and mid-century opulence, this towering hotel offers incredible views of the skyline. My dream shot is drone footage that begins beside the suited doorman, then soars higher and higher, panning out to the skyline. There’s a lot of potential, from the glass windows to the dark paneled lobby. 

Hotel Indigo 


Also located near the Gas Lamp Quarter, Hotel Indigo offers a trendier change of pace. Besides being LEED-certified, pet friendly, and minutes from PETCO Park, the quirky décor and world-class amenities make the Indigo more than Lumix-worthy. The rooftop bar would look scintillating at twilight, with maybe a slo-mo shot of the bartender’s tricks.

The Sofia Hotel 

A member of a few historic hotel societies, with roots in the early 1900s, the Sofia takes traveler comfort to the next level. A fairly recent renovation gives the Sofia a modern look, but guests can still sense her long history. The elegantly-appointed rooms and carefully-selected décor leave guests with the feeling that their experience was hand-tailored to them. 

I would love to take my equipment on a first person tour through the hotel, so visitors can get a taste of what’s to come. 


With so many vibrant sights to see and hotels to choose from, it isn’t hard to find spots for luxury travel video. San Diego has stunning neighborhoods, natural sites, and establishments that speak to the luxury hotel market. 

If you’re in San Diego and need a skilled videographer for luxury branded travel video content, contact me — or let me know what’s on your shoot list.