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Travel Video Sites in Miami 

Miami is a city of contradictions. While it’s home to a ton of upscale shopping, restaurants, and clubs, it also houses a diverse community with a strong work ethic. Overlaying all of it is tropical weather, access to stunning beaches, and a thriving nightlife. Because of its unique population and its incredible location in south Florida, it offers a wide variety of shots for the luxury travel video industry. 

People come to Miami for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it’s to soak up the sun’s rays; other times it’s strictly business. Whether you’re traveling down there to hit up aquariums or find the nightlife of your dreams, Miami is a key locale for luxury branded travel video. Viewers — especially in colder climates — will revel in the warm sunny tones and palm-tree accents of this southern mecca.  Lots of custom built yachts around as well to film.

With my Lumix GH5, GO PRO HERO 6, and Mavic Pro Drone in tow, here’s what’s on my Miami shoot list.

Miami Everglades Airboat

Sure, you could spend your entire travel video showcasing all of the urban and metropolitan sights that Miami has on tap. But the Everglades Airboat rides offer a different counterpoint to all that concrete, steel and glass. These thrilling airboat rides get people up close and personal with Florida’s fiercest fixtures — alligators. That’s not all. The remarkable swampy beauty of the Everglades provides a natural touch to otherwise urban-dominated footage. 


Little Havana 

For a change of pace, Little Havana offers a dose of Hispanic culture. A Cuban outpost established in the 1960s, it’s possible to find authentic food, fun, and drinks everywhere you turn. If it were me doing the shooting, I would turn my Lumix on the last Friday of each month. Viernes Culturales, or Cultural Fridays, is a gallery night showcasing the cultural arts scene of Little Havana. The remarkable art on display, live music, and more make for compelling video footage.

Miami Design District

In stark contrast to both the natural beauty of the Everglades and the down-to-earth Little Havana, Miami Design District hosts cutting-edge retailers, galleries, and museums. Rub shoulders with boutiques like Gucci and Tiffany, while also exploring other up and coming designers. This locale offers the best in fashion, design, art, architecture, and dining — and definitely puts the “luxury” in “luxury branded video.” 



But at the end of the day, after recording hours of awesome footage of what Miami has to offer,  it’s time to hang ten and look at two gorgeous hotels in the area. 


Mandarin Oriental Miami 

The Mandarin’s 5 star accommodations range from comfortable rooms to awe-inspiring presidential suites. Regardless of what level you stay at, you’ll enjoy pleasing ocean views, a private infinity pool, luxurious spas, and more. From a travel market video perspective, the Mandarin offers inviting footage from every angle. With the right HD shot, we could introduce clients to everything the Mandarin has to offer. 


Using my Mavic Pro, I would dial in the settings around midday to capture a shot of their top-tier private infinity pool. By showing off the amenities against the background of Miami’s skyline, we could capture consumers who were interested in the location while selling the Mandarin itself. 

W Miami 

Compared to the Mandarin’s 5 star accommodations, the W Miami offers more understated luxury. At four stars, and located right beside Miami’s financial district, the W has a rooftop pool and a comfortable upscale interior. The glass walls offer panoramic views of Miami’s gorgeous skyline. 

If I were tasked with doing luxury travel footage of this hotel, I would make the most of all the different room styles on offer. With the right footage, we could display how the W has rooms that appeal to all sorts of different travelers. 


Miami has many opportunities to offer to the luxury travel video expert. If you own a business in Miami and want to see what luxury marketing video can do for you, check out my portfolio here.

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