Best Places to Shoot Drone Video in Newport Beach, California

My Shot List in Newport Beach, CA 

“Find what you love to do, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” That old adage holds especially true for me. Whenever I’m out and about, I’m constantly scouting out locations to shoot with my Mavic Pro drone, Lumix GH5, or GO PRO HERO 6. The day I took a trip to Newport Beach, CA, was no different. If it’s an occupational disease, it’s one I gladly put up with — it lets me see all sorts of exciting travel video opportunities other people might miss. 

You might think my video production company Hilo Pictures  is based in California just because it’s the land of tech startups and technological advancements. The truth is, California’s varied locations, picturesque beaches, and unique buildings make it a videographer’s paradise. If you’re looking to do some video production, here are some can’t-miss opportunities. 

The Surf 

Newport Beach is known as Surf Town in some circles, so video and photo footage of the surf is almost mandatory. The surf on the West Coast is far different than the water on the East Coast. The water is a darker blue, with rougher swells. The waves seem to leap off of the water and onto my camera — where they look as vivid as they do in person.

If you’re hesitating to take on waterproof gear, you should get some. While the quality on my GO PRO HERO 6 isn’t as crisp as on my Lumix GH5, it’s worth it just to get up close and personal with the waves. They make the perfect background for travel video production. 

Water Tours 

Aside from the surf, there’s plenty to do for people who don’t want to surf. One of the most popular events is the whale watching cruises. If you’ve never been, the cruises pick up in early autumn and bring you as close as can be to migratory whales. And while my photo and video equipment capture it all faithfully, there’s a sense of awe from being next to these behemoths that you won’t get out of even the biggest flat-screen TV. 

There are also sunset cruises and gondola rides, both romantic in their own way. Of course, sun setting over endless lapping water is always a gorgeous shot. But before sunset rolls around, I have something else in mind. 

Lots of custom built yachts around as well.  

Resorts and Hotels 

Newport Beach has a lot of natural tourism — it’s a mecca for plenty of people who live in and around California. Still, I can’t help but wonder about the hotels that aren’t making the most of their amazing location and upscale amenities with luxury hotel videos that showcase their assets. 

One that really stands out to me is the Balboa Bay Resort. A four-star hotel overlooking the water, it offers surprisingly affordable rooms. It offers upscale accommodations, a gastro-pub, and local shopping. I can only imagine how many more people would flock to them if they made their sizzling views even more apparent with branded travel industry video.

Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel offers up campy, breezy room color schemes and is sandwiched by water on both sides. Given their authentic nautical air, I imagine they’re a big hit with travelers as well. I didn’t get a chance to shoot immersive videos, but they’re another hotel that should really be selling themselves on their view. 

For me, I see opportunities for high-end videos and immersive shots wherever I go. I wish other people shared similar views, and understood how much luxury video production could enhance their business.  In my mind, it’s just a matter of opportunity. 


When it comes to Newport Beach, CA, there’s no end to what you can find yourself shooting. Just take your time, catch the waves on your camera or board, and look around — great shots await.

Alternatively, have the pros shoot for you. Let us capture what makes your location special — so we can show it off to the world. Contact Us Today.