5 Places to Shoot Travel Video in New York City

5 Places to Shoot Travel Video in New York City 

New York City.It’s impossible to say those words without conjuring up dreams of Broadway, fashion, and a thriving ever-changing metropolis. It’s no surprise that NYC is a videographer’s paradise. Everywhere I look, I see opportunities to capture dynamic shots full of vibrant color — shots that seem to sing.

But when it comes to travel video — particularly luxury marketing video — where should you be shooting? This list is two-fold. First, my top three places to shoot for establishing shots, that make the most of the iconic sights that New York offers. Then, I explore two unique hotels that I think could make a splash in the travel video industry. 

(Note: I personally use a Mavic Pro Drone, a Lumix GH5 camera, and a GO PRO HERO 6. They’re portable and cover all of my bases depending on what kind of shot I want to get).

The Statue of Liberty

Iconic and immediately recognizable. And while you may be thinking “what a cliché,” you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Lady Liberty’s place in your footage. She’s used by insurance companies to prove their trustworthiness. She serves as a beacon of hope for many immigrant families. And if you include her in your luxury travel video footage, consumers will immediately know where you’re based out of. 

You can also avoid cliché shots with new videography equipment. If you’re able to connect with local authorities and get a drone in the air, you can provide a mesmerizing take on the Statue of Liberty — and cut through any notion that you’re using B-roll. 

Central Park 

Central Park is a bastion of calm in the middle of New York City’s eternal frenzy. Featured in countless movies, it’s an eye-catching patch of green in an urban jungle. While it might not be as immediately recognizable as the Statue of Liberty, it still makes a great set-piece for organic-based startups or other products trying to push their “healthy” side while still showcasing that they can pull weight in New York. 

I’m particularly fond of drone footage from above, which showcases the park’s beauty, especially in contrast to the thriving metropolis around it. 

Times Square 

Times Square brings together the very heights of consumer culture. You can easily showcase your brand or product’s prowess with a slo-mo night timelapse of people coming and going and screens flickering with advertisements. The stunning colors and ever-moving views make Times Square one New York City shot you don’t want to miss. 


Now, there are tons of hotels in New York City. Some of them have moved into the travel video market with their own cutting-edge drone footage, stunning shots, and inviting brand videos. But there are two hotels that walk to their own beat — where luxury travel video could help them pull ahead of the pack by showcasing what they have to offer. 

The NoMad 

Located on Broadway, the NoMad (North of Madison) offers stunning midcentury rooms with modern amenities. Visitors will adore the rich dark flooring, the crisp white blankets and sheets on each bed, and the other charms each room comes with. Depending on your preferred accommodation, you might find yourself with a claw-foot tub or a mahogany writing desk. 

The NoMad strikes me as having a high level of potential in the luxury travel market — by using gripping video narratives to showcase everything they can offer, they could attract people looking for a place with personality. 

Archer Hotel New York 

On the other side of the spectrum is Archer Hotel New York. Offering, in their words, “curated luxuries” and “evoking the creative soul of New York City,” the Archer Hotel rests in midtown Manhattan blocks away from New Yorks most wanted tourist spots. Made of brick, glass, and steel, this hotel boasts all sorts of modern twists in décor and amenities. 

As a videographer, the Archer stands out to me as a hotel that isn’t afraid to be different, and thus could attract travelers willing to be different as well. Understated and luxurious, I imagine that the luxury travel video footage would be spectacular. 


New York City is home to almost more hotels than you can count. The NoMad and the Archer strike my videographer fancy because they offer unique shooting opportunities. Here’s to hoping I can capture them in the future.