Video Production For Tech Products

We specialize in explainer video production for tech firms. Getting users and investors to understand what you do is a constant struggle in the tech industry. An explainer video breaks down your service so people GET IT, leading to increased interest and sales.



Highest Quality Possible

Hilo Pictures makes explainer & e-commerce videos for tech companies, software products and unique digital brands. Our high-quality animation, professional voiceover actors, and epic Hollywood scripts wrapped into high end cineamtic vidoe production filming set us apart from the competition in Orange County and Los Angeles.


Feel it!

Our goal is to help your customers and investors "feel it". We want your target market and demographic to watch your cineamtic video and immediately understand what your tech product or software does and how they can benefit from it. Our unique explainer videos explain everything – they answer questions, overcome objections, and get people to buy in less than two minutes.

See how we can help

Whether you’re just starting to look at video marketing, a "start up app company"looking for some help and advice we got your back. Our creative video prodcuction team and branding experts are happy to chat or just listen to your initial concepts. We can give you tips on direction, style, length, script, graphics, animation, voiceover, music and promotion. We’ve been there and done it more than most - so let us help you.


Our  5* Service

We understand the value of exceptional customer service. We feel that every one of our clients and partners deserve it. From answering calls and queries quickly to providing a convenient, creative and comprehensive service. Everything we do it tailored towards providing you with the best service and end product. See a few ways we do this below.





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*If you already have video production assets such as a draft script, or storyboard, or YouTube reference links to productions you like, please email them to us at the company email or contact.

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