Video production vs Video marketing – What’s the difference?

Video production vs Video marketing – What’s the difference?

Video Production and Video Marketing are essentially two different fields dealing with the same subject of videos. Video production simply means making videos – be it any kind of video. Video marketing simply means making videos reach different audiences and channels. While one involves with the creation process without thinking about how it will be used, the other involves mainly about the end process and how people will receive the video instead of how it is made. There’s a grey area between them though, where the two aspects intermingle to create the best result for the audience. 


The Technical Differences

 The various technical details that video production deals with are the camera and equipment, the script, the actors, the crew, shots, angles, continuity, audio, and editing.  In an ideal world, this is done without any consideration for marketing. However, in the modern world, the marketing is a criterion within the video production.

The camera and equipment used depend on the mediums where the video will go, actors are often chosen based on their public image, and hence we see stars in various ads that suit their personality and audience image.  The crew is there to make sure the end result comes out as discussed earlier, where the marketing team is an important part. The script is written entirely with the marketing of the video in consideration.

Video marketing company has a different checklist on their agenda. Some of the key points are:

  • The brand identity and the identity the brand wants to form
  • Where the video would be made to reach on the basis of the above.
  • The target audience
  • What customers want and what you are delivering, and correcting if it is off
  • Scripting and choosing actors based on the brand image

In an ideal scenario, video marketing should involve purely marketing. However, video marketing is actually involved from the time the script is finalized and the cast and crew is chosen – each being done to make sure the end marketing results is maximized and there’s no wrong casting or bad scripting. 

What a Video Production Company Does?

A video production company simply produces videos. It doesn’t matter what is the marketing plan for the production company. They work on briefs and take it from there, and deliver the final product. They work on any form of video production – whether it is a film, a TV series, a business video, a meeting, a workshop, or anything at all. Their main task is to make sure that the technical superiority of the end result in terms of quality is up to the mark.

What a Video Marketing Company Does?

A video marketing company deals with marketing videos to the correct audience. Correct audience differs from content to content, and it is the job of the marketing company to find out the correct audience and make the video reach the audience. They work on the basis of end results required, and then define their work from that point onwards. Their work involves around the campaigns and running them on various media, and to enhance the return-on-investment (RoI).

Where the Worlds Collide – Modern Video Production Companies/Marketing Companies

Video production is an important part of the setup and worked independently when there were limited media for marketing. It used to be simple traditional video marketing – which was in the form of advertisements. Other than that, there used to be films etc. With the growth of internet and social media, more and more avenues for marketing and sharing videos came on. This led in the rise of a new division altogether – video marketing.

In the earlier days of video marketing, they worked independently, and the content used to be similar to how it was in traditional marketing. This content kept getting used at different platforms without much of the segregation. As and when the advancement occurred, there came the need for separate content for various different avenues. This is where the merging of the two actually began.

There’s always a consideration of video marketing before any video is produced. If a video has to go to YouTube, it will be a different length and format, while the one going to FaceBook will have it all different. There’s no way to strike a balance apart from creating different videos. For that, one needs an understanding of different medium of promotion. This is where someone from Video Marketing comes in handy while the video is getting produced. He can guide the production team about the various ins and outs of the final output that the channel requires. 

Similarly, video marketing is dependent on video production. If the video marketing requires content to be used for Instagram, and the video has been shot such that the edges cut off when it is turned into square resolution, then the whole campaign for that video will fall off. Therefore, a production guy is always kept in tune with the end result, and he, in turn, ensures that the result is what is expected for the avenue.