Video Content for Sales Teams

Types of Vidеоѕ Your Sаlеѕ Tеаm Nееdѕ

Do you enjoy cold calls? Unless you are having the best day of your life, chances you seldom like cold calls. While cold calls are much better than robot telemarketers, but they both fall under the same category. It’s somewhat aggravating and impersonal.

In any case, by including video into your sales process, you can bring that human touch once more into your activities and let prospects to make a move. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to plan a meeting to talk about your product or service, or basically following up on a discussion you’ve just had, utilizing online video platform for business can increase engagement and leave your contacts with positive vibes.

Let’s take a look at some of our desired types of sales videos with tips on how you can make them yourself!


Explainer Videos

Explainer videos take complex thoughts and clarify the thought in two minutes or less. You can use these to show your organization’s vision, item, or new element. Explainer recordings enable organizations to truly draw out the organization’s voice and style. No requirement for screenshots; These recordings enable you to flaunt whether your organization is light and energetic or clever and smart.

Best of all, explainer videos can build conversion rates. At the point when Dropbox added a video to their site, they could see a 10% increase in signups. That is quite a motivation to have an explainer video.


Bio Video of Sales Team

“Your prospective clients should perceive your voice and see your face long before they personally meet and hear your voice.”

How is this possible?

Ans – Through video, of course.

What’s more, the motivation behind a bio video is to do only this. We need the prospect to comprehend what the sales representative look like, sounds like, and knows (as far as the product or service) before they are in the up close and personal sales situation.

By simply making a two-minute or less bio video of each one of your sales group members and colleagues, and after that sending it out before first appointments, they would now be able to guarantee their prospects are becoming more acquainted with them sometime before the initial handshake.


Testimonial Videos

Your Sales group can tell their prospects how incredible the product is all they need. There’s no better approach to demonstrate your prospects that you have a strong item and your clients adore you than by hearing it straight from your customers. With a tribute video, customers can share what issues they had before they utilized your item, and how they profited subsequent to utilizing it. When prospects hear the social proof of different organizations, they may feel more constrained to settle on a purchase.