Top 5 Most Popular Video Content Marketing Platforms 2017

The most common question I get from clients after we produce a video is "where are the best places to put this video to get noticed".  Well, thats a loaded question, so I broke down the "top 5 best places to market your video" or platforms for video marketing after you have your marketing video production process finished.  

Social Media Videos

Its a "no brainer" that you can put it up on Facebook, you tube, twitter, Instagram and your website.  If you video production company had your best interest in mind, they would of recommended doing a 1 min version for each at the start of the video production process.   However, if not...there is hope still.  Almost all of the videos can still be cut up for social media an shorter versions so you can stretch the content a little further by doing some basic editing or asking whoever created it.   


Google Loves Videos

Once you have the video up on your social channels there is a few other video marketing platforms I personally recommend.   Google loves all of these platforms and "youtube" videos aren't the only ones getting picked up in the organic searches now.   Note, most of these marketing and branding videos need about 200 views before they are considered by google but if you tag, title and describe them super good, there is always a chance for an instant pick up.     


Here are the video marketing platforms I suggest using after your business video is produced.

(Note:  Once your video is up on these platforms, you can share it from inside the platform to your social media channels as well)




1.  Youtube:

Youtube currently runs the show, but as it went with "Myspace" back in the day, there is always a "Facebook" out there ready to pop up and do some damage.  It is estimated that over 1 billion people visit YouTube each month and watch a wide range of video productions that include commercials, documentaries, fun videos and cats/dogs doing peculiar things.  Downfall is that there are Ad's galore and its really tough to even watch a video these days without having a 5 second delay of an Ad.  Which we all have never been a big fan of.



2.  Vimeo:

I always like to specially thank the creators of this channel in any post I write.  Absolutely amazing platform.  Encodes up to 4K Ultra Hd and by far is the go to when it comes to "embedding videos".  

Also, NO ADS!  Ever!   Completely free platform to get started and YES, vimeo videos do show up on the organic google searches now.   If you are a business, company or brand I suggest getting on this channel.  Very easy to create an account and once you live, you can generally upload your videos to this platform at the same time you are doing the youtube channel.   Be sure to fill in your information nicely though.  This channel is your business also!



3.  Daily Motion:

Kinda the "sleeper" site, google is picking up videos posted on this platform more and more as well.  I love the user interface on this, and it does support up to 4K ultra HD filming as well.  Same as the rest, make sure your page fits your brand and looks sharp.  Daily Motion, launched in 2005 and based in France, is the second largest video website in the world according to various sources. Content Marketing Videos at Daily Motion can be found several different ways; via categories (also known as channels, offering everything from Animals to Travel), by checking out the Most Viewed, Trending, or What's Hot displays, browsing the Featured Users (official company presences on Daily Motion), or simply by typing in whatever you might be looking for into the Daily Motion search bar function




4.  Wistia:

Love this site for video embedding.  Although it is a paid site, you can embed your videos on your website and web pages with SEO metadata as well.  If you know anything about SEO, google kinda has its own algorithm for "rich snippets" for videos.  With Wistia, you can embed what the Search engine is going to read.  If you are looking for a platform that is designed specifically for business videos then Wistia is the best option by far.  It provides complete control over the branding of the videos embedded on the site. You can also integrate video marketing tools so that you can collect the emails of the viewers especially signed to the end of the videos and use them for trigger campaigns. 




5.  Metacafe:

Not nearly as good as it used to be, this platform still gets picked up in the searches.  You will rarely see any posts about this site because the platform is kinda a pain in the butt, but if you decide you want some search engine love and want to just copy and paste some meta data from your other platforms its a good channel to try to "run the show" organically with video.   Still not a waste of time just yet since they re upped and updated their platforms.   My prediction is that this will be right back up with daily motion as it has been in previous years.    Super easy to upload and a ton of places for Metadata as well.    If your paying high dollar for your local video production, I suggest getting your $$'s worth and posting to all these video marketing sites.



Expanding Video Content Marketing Horizons

At the very least, I always recommend Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion.  If you are expanding into video marketing and have done some real "video production" this year, all of these are solid options.  There are a few more up and coming but as for the "Google Organic Search" these seem to still hold most true and at the end of the day, thats a key factor in our marketing budgets and decisions.   


If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to me directly through my website.