Best Ways To Use Video For Facebook Business

If you are like most earth humans, you have become “video-trigger-happy” on social media.  Our immediate “go to” these days are to post video on facebook and social as much as possible.  As Tommy Boy would say "I have seen it 1000 times"!  However, what the "Guarantee Fairy" won't tell you is that most of these posts fail to mention the “how” or “why”.  Lots of marketing companies will tell you to do facebook live or post videos regularly but not mention of production value or branding.  Marketing companies also forget to mention that the quality of your video has a huge impact on your brand image.   As a business owner these are some of the roadblocks I face along with the sad variety of sales driven comedies on Netflix.   There is good news!  It's not as difficult as it looks and most people make it sound harder than it really is.   With a Solid direction and a decent video production team you will be off and running in no time.    If you are still "taking a dump in a box & marking it guaranteed" then uploading it to your social media channels, this blog is for you.


Facebook is part of my daily life. Is it a part of yours?

Facebook is where I go to check in with friends from the east coast and for general comical relief.   News as well is a huge part of the video content in the basic feds. As business owners, we know that social networks are where audiences go to obtain news, information, and entertainment. People and demographics  actually expect to be pushed to video content through sophisticated algorithms, which take into account personalization and network recommendations. Yes, if you didn't know, big brother is on the loose in the social world as well.  On Facebook, the consumption of information, particularly that of video is much more passive. Facebook currently averages 8 billion average daily video views. So how can B2C and B2B businesses fight for attention through these videos?

...Below are some of my top pics for Video Creation and best practice for social video production!


Best practices for Facebook Videos


Create your video for your audience

People usually pay attention to video that is in some way relevant to their interests or things they like on their facebook page.  You will get a much higher yield in result on these videos and video production if you customize your message to your demographic. Consider creating unique videos (or different versions of the same video) for different audience segments.  If you have hired a content production or video production agency, ask them to film for the day and cut up multiple versions.  NOTE:  that will need to be in the scope of services since nobody works for free in 2017, but it is possible to get 5-7 videos from 1 day shoot.  I do it all the time.


Invest in video production.

This is my all time favorite.   A Lot of marketing teams will tell you to do facebook live or just post whatever you have.  This is as far from the truth as it gets.  Your video on facebook is your brand and company.  Just like a magazine ad or TV commercial it represents you and all the hard work and passion you put into what you do.   1 poorly created video and some audio that is unworthy can set you back in a bit way depending on how many view it.   On the up side, 1 solid piece of video content can yield positive results for years.   Whether you use a camera phone or a production team, secure the best available creative resources and set a realistic production schedule and budget. People are more likely to watch and remember content marketing videos that are well-crafted and designed to play on every device.


The first 10 seconds is where its at

First impressions are huge.  And I mean first impressions.  The First 10 seconds of your video is where you are going to grab the attention.   A lot of people think bringing in their “logo” or a motion graphic is good.  It's not.   Get something in the beginning that is going to keep some attention.  A captivating context or a friendly face.  Note: sweedish bikini teams work as well but they are not always relevant to your business.  Bring your story to life quickly, so as people scroll through News Feed looking for content, your video ad quickly piques people’s interest. Consider showing brand or product imagery in the first few seconds. Focus on storytelling.



Final Length of your Video Content

I always say keep it under 2.  However that is dependent upon what you are up to in your business and what the video is for.  

Video length is less important than telling a cohesive and concise story. Your video ad shouldn’t be longer or shorter than it takes to tell your story well, so create a storytelling arc from the first frame to the last that keeps your audience interested along the way.

Tell your story with and without sound.  5 min videos are more common these days, but if your context or what you are saying isn't really keeping eyes turned, then try to keep it under 2 min.  

Since videos on Facebook autoplay with sound off, it’s important to make sure your video ads entice viewers even when muted. When sound is off, beautiful imagery and on-screen text can help tell your story. When enabled, your video’s sound should offer additional value to viewers and further bring your story to life.


Some things to ask yourself before producing your video


1. What type of content are you offering?

Great content comes in all forms and lengths, and a good video tab or library includes a variety of video and photo content types. For example, a legit fun, entertaining video production is best in a shorter, easily digestible length, while documentary-style branded video content can be longer (upwards of two minutes).  However, Ted Talks videos are 15-30 min and they are filled with amazing context.  So if you got it...flaunt it!!   


2. How and where is the audience viewing the video?

The device and platform on which your content is delivered is one of the most important considerations when determining how long your video should be. In terms of video hosts, if you house your video marketing content on YouTube or Vimeo, viewers are open to watching longer, more intense versions of videos. Each video marketing platform has benefits and considerations, such as ads or competing content, that play an huge role in the need for a good user experience in your video content marketing.


3. What action do you want the viewer to take?


What do you want your viewer to walk away with?- as well as how to structure the calls to action within your video. To figure this out, ask these questions to help you deduce how much time they'll invest with your video:

  • Do I want to simply entertain the viewer?

  • Do I want them to take an action (sign up for an email list, purchase a product, share this content, etc.)?

  • Do I want to educate this consumer or prospect?






Upload Native Video

Instead of posting a link to your youtube or vimeo videos, try uploading it directly.  This auto starts your video across the platform and also engages people right away.  That being you took my advice below on the 10 second rule of thumb.  But who’s counting?  


Create a Welcoming Space: Add a Video Greeting to Your Facebook Business Page

Unless a prospect knows you well, they’re often not going to visit your branded Facebook page. When they do arrive, steal a tip from your SEO manager. What were they searching for to get to this point and this place? Greet them with a video that speaks to these needs.

How to do it: Facebook admins can “pin” a video post to the top of the page. Of course, you can change this out every so often for promotions but do this sparingly, as this video greeting sets the tone for your Facebook business page and can leave a lasting impression with your visitor.

As you integrate video throughout your page, treat it as a website. What types of personas are visiting your page and what areas of content will be most interesting to them? Then answer these needs with video.

If you would like more information please feel free to reach out to me directly through my website.