Publishing Your Videos on YouTube and Social Media

We all focus our efforts on producing our video that we often publish our videos in a hurry - often overlooking so many of the important factors involved in the production of the video. There's a way of publishing videos over YouTube or other social media to have the best impact of a video which involved plenty of pre-production and post-production efforts. it also helps in marketing by reducing the marketing budget, and also making marketing more useful.

The First Step - Naming

Often we don't give much leverage to naming of the videos because we think it will be changed either ways. It's not entirely true, and the raw file name does contribute a bit in the SEO, even though the factor can't be quantified as yet. It's same as naming your pictures before uploading on the website, it always contributes in the SEO, and naming the video as per keywords is the best practice.

Keywords Tool

Keywords are the most consistent word you will come across while talking about video publishing, and rightly so. it is everywhere - be it in keywords, description, or tags. Keywords can be analyzed by using various tools like Google Adwords keywords tool. There are other tools like vidiq and vidooly that help in analyzing best keywords for YouTube videos, but Facebook and YouTube keywords work similarly.

Publishing over YouTube

The Channel Factors

Before we talk about publishing videos directly, it is important to understand the importance of YouTube channel being correctly setup. The following are the parts of the YouTube channel setup:

·       Using the correct YouTube name, and the name being decided as per the type of content that there is going to be on the channel. 

·       The logo of the channel maybe simple, but should convey the brand identity very well. It is important to identify with brand colorsand fonts, and use them consistently, especially in logo and channel art.

·       Channel art is the cover photo you see on a YouTube channel, and it is an important constituent of a good YouTube channel presence. The ideal size for YouTube channel art is 2560 x 1440 px.

The Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail needs to be well-thought out and ready before you upload the video. If you have spent time in production, it is imperative to work on a YouTube thumbnail (size 1280 x 720 px) which represents the video, follows the brand colorsand brands, and is the one that helps in improving the click through ratio. Click through ratio is the ratio of the number of link clicks as opposed to the total number of impressions. A good thumbnail helps in improving click through ratio and increases the chance of your video production content being viewed. 

Tips on Good Thumbnail

·       Avoid clickbaits. Click baits are thumbnails created to just make people click on the video even when they aren't related to the video. 

·       Use graphics and text to accentuate the idea. Graphics with text help in attracting viewers to the video because they make the text, the images, and the context stand out when designed well.

·       Use a pretty face or an unusual face - pretty or unusual or both faces help in getting more clicks. Unless you can have a popular face in the video, nothing can be better than that.

·       Be open to experiment, test, and change if it isn't working. Over a period of time you will realize the differences in the click through rates and you can work on better thumbnails to test if they improve the click through rate, while also learn from successful videos and their thumbnails, keywords, and description.

The Video Title - Make it Worth Opening

Has it ever happened that you bought a magazine or a newspaper because you were attracted towards it? The same is the case with a good title. Research with your keyword on YouTube and check the most popular videos on the list and their name. If the content is similar, you can try to keep a similar title. This will help in two ways

1.     it provides you with a tested title for the video

2.     It can help in ranking in suggested videos by YouTube, and suggested video of a popular YouTube video gets plenty of organic traffic.

The first 30 characters of the title are most important; therefore use the main content in the beginning. If the video is on shooting videos with 5d mark iii, for example, the first step is to search with keywords, which will be - 5d mark iii video settings. the most popular videos have canon 5d mark iii as the beginning of their title, followed by video settings, camera settings, on-camera tutorial, etc. so we can work on titles like canon 5d mark iii best video settings to improve our chances of getting suggested as well as ranking well for the title.

Description and Tags

Description in YouTube is supposed to be about 2-3 paragraphs long. You can use some of the video transcript, description, song lyrics, anything that is related to video prouduction and relevant. Naturally merging keywords with the description is an important way of helping the videos rank better. The few parts in which the video description can be covered are:

·       basic one or two line description

·       longer description

·       Credits, along with music or footage credit wherever using copyright material that requires credits to be mentioned.

·       any affiliate links


Tags are simply the keywords which you have populated in the keyword research. Try to mix long-tail keywords with short keywords, and make sure you will out the 500 characters requirement. Try not to use too common keywords where ranking will be extremely tough.

On face book, the basic idea remains the same as YouTube about the title, thumbnail, description, and the only difference is in tags which can be selected from drop-down menu only.