6 Video Content Trends To Keep Your Eye on in 2017


If you’ve been following online digital marketing trends or new video marketing engagements, it’s no surprise that video is shifting and shaping the world of digital marketing more than it has ever before especially in 2017.

One of the biggest ideals is that video is no longer an "option" for marketers or businesses, its a vital necessity for any content marketing strategy or online marketing direction. We all know that 2016 was a huge year for video production technology. Video online marketing has been surly making upcoming video trends the hottest topic on the market. 

You may have seen this stat just about everywhere on the web:   By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic (KPCB).


Companies and brands have embraced online video content as a means to get their messages across clearly and uniquely for your brand. Consumers love videos because it gives them exactly the information they want in an easy to follow and very "social" portable (thanks to mobile devices) way. While most businesses are now leveraging online video content as a part of their online and offline marketing strategy, some are pushing new boundaries with cutting-edge technology and techniques that help them stand out! Right about now you should be considering producing some videos if you haven't already, but if not, let me give you little kick with some common knowledge in content marketing strategy.


1. Digital Online Video Drives More Self-Service Sales Processes

Ten years ago, your website was the center of the universe for prospects to build interest in your brand and products. But if they wanted to go any further, they would have to get on the phone or meet with a sales rep.

When you incorporate online video into your sales processes, customers get what they want instantly similar to amazon.com... a frictionless, self-serve, give it to me now experience on their time, and on their terms.

2. Continued Mobile Video Growth

We know that mobile traffic has overtaken traditional traffic, so it’s no surprise that mobile video content is poised to grow at a huge clip. In fact, experts believe that mobile video advertising are set to be the fastest growing online digital advertising segment over the upcoming five years. I recommend you keep the videos short and sweet, and make sure put some creativity into your videos. Creative video branding goes a long way in 2017. Ensure that your ads work across all devices and you’ll have a good chance of converting users.

3. Video Quality Will Trump Video Quantity

My personal favorite! The age old "quality over quantity"! 

Everyone has seen their fair share of bad videos with horrible audio and consumers know this is a fact of life. However when creating a video you have to ask yourself "would I buy from me?" If your video production is poorly constructed then the answer is probably no sir...I don't like it! Since the video landscape is becoming more competitive, the quality of your videos will need to become more of a priority. Just pumping out “another video” or two won’t cut it.

Higher-quality videos rise above the rest, see higher engagement, and drive overall better results in the sea of digital content. Plus, they’re more likely to stand the test of time, which means you’ll see higher ROI and an asset that you can rely on for years to come.

4. Video Will Continue to Become a Larger Piece of the Content Marketing Pie

And you know google says "content, content, content". This goes for video as well and more so in 2017. I am never an advocate of the search engines but to be honest, I have been put in my place and become a common slave to it and google. The reason....It works! And it drives more quality traffic for my business then any other platform

As the demand for video content grows, brands will need to save a bigger piece of their content budget for video.

As you video production company if they can do still images as well and put the right budget into your video production.

5. More Brands Will Prioritize Creating a Video Strategy

While 73% of marketers say that video gets the best ROI, it was the other 29% that cited the lack of an effective strategy as the reason they didn’t see a larger return.

Expect that to change, though, especially as businesses discover that video gets the best return and results, only when it’s tied back to a well-planned strategy.

6. Sales Process Videos Will Become a Higher Priority

While most marketers are eager to create online videos for marketing for awareness, the majority of them would see higher ROI from bottom-of-the-funnel videos.

Why? Because digital video can help automate and speed up your sales cycle faster than any other type of content. Plan to see a higher rates of online video content dedicated to "sealing the deal" as more brands and businesses both online and storefront discover that sales process video production pulls more prospects through their funnel at a much higher rate.


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