Building a Brand with Periscope

Periscope is a mobile app powered by Twitter where you can broadcast yourself in real time to people all around in the world! According to Twitter, Periscope’s value for brands lies in its ability to help them “forge a more personal relationship with consumers” by affording “real-time access to moments that matter, from big announcements to fashion shows to sponsored events.”

There is no doubt that Periscope is an important platform to add you’re your business’s existing social media marketing mix. One way that brands are utilizing Periscope is to promote new product video releases through live streaming. They are showcasing their new products on Periscope in many ways, including doing a live unboxing or a product showcase before its release date. See some of the Video Stats 2017 Here:

Brands are investing in this online video branding strategy to increase interest and create a buzz around new product releases. A new product can receive overwhelming attention if a celebrity endorses it on a live stream. If the celebrity aligns with the values of the brand, it can increase the brand’s credibility and image and can also attract new customers that may have not have known of the brand or product otherwise.

A brand can also utilize live streaming on Periscope to host live question and answer sessions in order to improve their customer service. These question and answer sessions can provide the brand with invaluable feedback about the thoughts and concerns of their customers, as well as provide an insight on how to improve their product offerings.

Offering a Q&A session or Video Demo Reels can promote the brand image by putting a face to a company, and allow customers to interact with a live person instead of robotic phone support.

Another trend in live streaming on Periscope is for a company to give a behind the scenes tour to the viewers. Customers are often curious about the brands they support, so a behind the scenes tour of the company factories or business profile video and offices or an interview with an executive can be an effective marketing tool. Because Periscope is connected with Twitter, a strong presence on Periscope can increase a brand’s Twitter following.

As I browsed through multiple podcasts with both high and low viewership, I noticed that the common denominator for the podcasts with thousands of viewers was to show the audience something unique and exciting. If Periscope is utilized correctly, it could bring thousands of people to the podcast in a matter of minutes and could be pivotal in increasing personal brand awareness

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