How to Generate Leads on Social Media

Sweet, you're getting likes, you're getting more engagement, and people are sharing your content.  That's exactly what you wanted from your social campaign, right?


What you wanted were sales.  You wanted to show some sort of ROI.  You wanted leads.  If you adopt some of these principles into your social media video branding strategy, you'll probably find much better results.

It’s very important to understand that to generate real, qualified leads, your audience needs to feel connected your brand, trust your brand, & feel like your product or service will truly benefit their lives. There are tons of potential customers waiting for you on social media and video marketing platforms but if you’ve been approaching social marketing with a ‘tweet it & they will come’ mentality, you’re not going to yield very good results.

One of the best ways to generate leads on social media is by providing quality content that distinguishes you as an industry leader or expert. If you’re a personal trainer, why not post short videos on how to correctly perform popular exercises?  The more trust you can establish by letting your audience know you're an expert, the more likely they are to give you a call.

Now that you’ve produced quality content & you’re sharing it on social, you’re probably seeing an increase in likes & comments. Don’t forget to engage your audience & create conversations.  If you can build a connection with your audience, the more likely they are to turn into leads.  Be sure to do this in a timely manner. The longer you wait to respond to your audience, the less likely they are to turn into a customer. 

A surefire way to generate leads is by offering a free ‘video content upgrade’ in exchange contact information.  If you’re that personal trainer, a great way to do this is by using a contact form on your website saying ‘Download Your Free 30 Day Workout Regimen’.  Capturing email address from social media and marketing video driven traffic allows you to enroll your potential customer in a lead nurturing email campaign, or you can simply reach out to them personally to offer more services.

 Remember to test out which strategies work best for you.  You may get to a point where you’re capturing tons of email address, but a quick call to action isn’t working.  Try delivering more value to your email lists with video content driven email campaigns, or asking if there is anything else you can provide for them before asking for their business.