Here's How Dwayne Johnson Rocks Instagram

By now you probably know who Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is. He’s been in blockbuster motion pictures and high end video productions like Fast and Furious 6, stars in the hit TV show Ballers, and of course was the WWE heavyweight champion of the world.

Over 47.8M users are following the ex-wrestler gone movie star’s account (over 10% of Instagram’s entire user base) and with good reason.  Here’s what he’s doing right.

He’s posting ALL THE TIME

Dwayne is no stranger to hard work, and he’s not afraid to show you. He’s posting real-life content to his account every single day, and in some cases multiple times a day.  This is especially perfect for the new update Instagram which launched in late March 2016. Why? Because it keeps shim on top of his audience’s feed, all the time.

He’s Not Afraid to Share the Spotlight 

The Rock seems to understand that he might not get everyone’s attention, but he’s sure trying.  Browse through his feed and you’ll find he’s not afraid to tag co-stars and friends like Kevin Hart or Ray Allen.  As famous as Dwayne is, doing this attracts fans from different markets making his follower base bigger and stronger.

He’s Engaging His Audience

Dwayne gets a ton of love from his fans, from paintings, to ‘Rock Walls’ and even tattoos! He’s all about showing his appreciation by posting random pictures, viral video content and content videos of his fan’s tributes to him and is sure to tag them in the caption also.  Engaging his audience brings him lifetime fans, and a solid brand image.

He Switches it Up 

When you scroll through the Rocks’ feed, you’re getting a little bit of everything. Each of  He’s keeping his audience interested by giving a behind the scene’s look at his movies, he showcases his pooch, Hobbs and even gives us a look at his charity work. Oh, and he has some pretty intimidating gym shots, too.

In short, The Rock is doing it perfectly.  Whether you’re building your personal brand or promoting your businesses on Instagram, you can definitely learn from how Dwayne handles his Instagram.  Be sure to check out what The Rock is cooking on his page:

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